Election 2023 | Healthy jitters were in place, for me before the presidential duel, moderator Sucho

I’m always nervous. I want to do this job as best I can, so that the debate is fair, so that the debate that our viewers pick up, that’s my effort. But that nervousness, that awkwardness, is always there, says Terezie Tomnkov.

His colleague Petr Sucho also acknowledged the nervousness. I’m a hunter for life, but I think that if hunters don’t go out into the long night with a little jitters, something will go wrong. So I think the healthy nervousness is in order, he said.

The audience that arrives at the studio early and becomes part of the debate is reserved for the debate on Prim. It’s an element that brings a different mood to a debate, and it’s also a pressure on the debater, who has to defend his views even in front of supporters of the other party. I think it’s very dark for a girl to be interested and personally in our big studio, said Tomnkov.

According to Petr Suchon, the studio audience also helped the debaters. We see him in the duel between Petr Pavel and Danua Nerudov. I think both candidates put in their best performances in the superdebates, when we look at them overall before the first round. I think the audience will like the huge support, helping hands of both candidates, he added.

He also admitted, for him the debate did not stop when the camera was turned off. That night was a very long journey. the hunter came home, lay down on the bed, and all the thoughts in his head, what he should do, what went well, what didn’t go well, he turned off.

Andrej Babi and Petr Pavel will face each other this week in a televised debate on Thursday 11 November. The final debate between the finalists was then broadcast by Czech radio on Friday, 27 January, and the broadcast of the duel began at 13.00 and ended one minute before the polls opened.

The second round of presidential elections will be held on Friday, January 27 and Saturday, January 28.

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