Election 2023 | Zeman traveled around Nchod in a golf cart, Mayor Birke said

President Zeman started his tour of Masaryk Square and Kamenice in the mayor’s electric golf cart Jan Birke (SSD), at his invitation, president con.

Zeman and Birke stopped by a bronze bust of writer Josef Kvorecky, a native of Nchod. The mayor reports to the president about the recently completed quarter-billion-dollar reconstruction of Zmeck Nchod Hill, at its foot is Masaryk Square. Then they went to one of the cafes in Kamenice.

As they pass, they catch up with Zeman and Birk in the wagon and take pictures. How many people shook hands with the president? I wish you good health, one woman said to the president.

Expremir has some explaining to do

He explained to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki what he had learned from the presidential candidate debate at Andrej Babi’s.

I firmly reject attempts to falsify my statement, which was made during a public debate, the YES movement told the editors of MF DNES Monday. I never questioned Article 5, which is NATO’s collective defense. I don’t even want to imagine that this wolf world could happen, added Babi.

That’s why politicians should fight for peace and control the wolves, said the former prime minister. According to him, this was clear from the context of the debate.

I also wrote this to Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki and I left it to President Zeman to inform President Duda, Babi concluded.

Another topic discussed by Zeman and Duda was Czech-Polish cooperation, tourism development or transportation links between the two countries.

The two presidents last met last year at the end of April at Prask Castle. Zeman said at the time Poland had become a key defender of European values ​​and profiled the country in resisting Russian aggression against Ukraine.

The presidential meeting was held at the invitation of mayor Nchod Jan Birke (SSD). The meeting will include a private meeting with the president and then a delegation to Nchod town hall. The presidents will be accompanied to Nchod by their wives.

On Monday, a full press conference was held, followed by a meeting between President Zeman and Mayor Birke with residents in Masaryk Square in front of the town hall. The president’s two parties will then meet in the Polish defense city of Kudowa-Zdrj, where the laws will meet together.

Criticism of clothes

According to Babio’s opponents Peter Paul it only proves that Pig breeding is chaotic and a large number of dogs will be found on the ground. We are safe thanks to membership in NATO, which is based on the principle of collective defense. And Mr. Babi burned it in debate. He then realized what he had done and made amends. If he did it as president, it would be a scandal in the NATO cell. We cannot endure such chaos, Pavel wrote in response on Twitter.

It is unclear whether Babi, apart from Morawiecko, sent explanations to the most prominent representatives of the Baltic states. Even their foreign minister reacted negatively to Babie on Monday. On Monday, they said that their country would send troops to help the Czechs without any problems.

Grandmother criticized so in Poland, his words were well covered by the media there. MEP for ruling national conservative First and Justice Party Ryszard Czarnecki wrote about Babi on Twitter that plc pt pes devt. And he told me about the five international treaties that the Czech Republic had signed.

Not even Ukrainians were spared Babio’s exploits. Ukrainian servers Gazeta.ua Babiv calls the year an embarrassment.

The wave is cursed electricity Grandma and at home, especially from the government coalition politicians.

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