Eliteserien: Brann missed the win against Lillestrøm after a missed penalty at the end

(Brann – Lillestrøm 2–2) Brann returned after an early cold shower and grabbed the win in the palm of his hand, but missed a penalty before the end. After the match, LSK coach Geir Bakke reconciled with the referee.


With the score at 1-0 to the away team, Akor Adams put the ball in the net, but referee Rohit Saggi fired a free kick towards the striker before the ball crossed the goal line.

Minutes later, Brann earned his first penalty after Eskil Edh stepped on defender Felix Horn Myhre.

Geir Bakke did it sadly after the game.

– Now I’m brutal, but I have four co-trainers who judge every day in training. They see a difference in things here, Geir Bakke told NRK in an interview at Evening news.

– It’s just a pipe. A bit careless, and he lunged forward at what he was about to shoot. If we are going to give a penalty for that, I don’t understand where we will go.

– I don’t feel guilty, he exploded too easily, said the striker himself Television 2.

DISAPPOINTED: Geir Bakke was unhappy with some of the refereeing decisions in the game against Brann.

Bakke Petter Myhre’s coaching partner at Lillestrøm also reacted. Especially on the free kick against Adams.

– It may have been a free-kick but I wonder why he was judging before the ball was in the goal when we have VAR to check the situation afterwards, Myhre told TV 2.

Referee Rohit Saggi has been in the media a lot in the past week. In a match between Stabæk and Vålerenga, he lifted a bottle to his head and suffered a concussion.

At the cup earlier this week, he took the bottle thrower with him to games he is refereeing, to brush up and learn.

He believes he was right in both situations in tonight’s main draw game.

– For me, it’s a bit of a penalty, even if it’s soft on contact. The consequence was that he didn’t get a shot on goal, Saggi told NRK of Brann’s spot-kick.

– It would have been better if we had been offside, we let the goal be scored, then the assistant came with the flag and then we let the VAR check. But luckily I got confirmation from the VAR room that the contact was enough for us to support the decision. In this case, no mistakes were made, but a bit on the technical side, Saggi told TV 2 of the canceled score for Adams.

CRYING: Eskil Edh celebrates his goal 1-0 against Brann.

Although Brann and national team graduate Bård Finne provided the biggest chances in the opener, it was the visitors who started well:

Philip Slørdahl’s long ball was suddenly wide in front of Eskil Edh, who after rounding Japhet Sery Larsen made it 1-0 to LSK after 27 minutes.

A slightly frustrated Bergen crowd had to see their side enter the break at 0-1, but just after the hour mark, the hosts held on for three highly effective minutes in the sun.

From the spot, captain Sivert Heltne Nilsen played icy cold and leveled, and three minutes later things would really heat up in Bergen:

Ole Didrik Blomberg started a fine solo attack, before playing Niklas Castro for free. Alone with the goalkeeper, the 27 year old scored 2-1 in front of a jubilant home crowd.

EQUALIZATION: Sivert Heltne Nilsen was the keeper even as he made it 1-1 on penalties. It was worse on the second attempt.

In the 17th minute, full-timer Kristoffer Tønnesen was left alone after a free kick and made it 2-2 from close range. Then there was another serious battle at Bergen. A match that will have a very dramatic final minutes.

In the 87th minute, Ulrik Mathisen danced his way through the LSK defense, before being brought down by Uba Charles and referee Rohit Saggi awarded Brann the second penalty of the night.
But this time LSK keeper Mads Hedenstad scored and stopped Heltne Nilsen’s effort.

– It’s so annoying and heavy. It was an unfocused moment. It’s very boring not being able to contribute to taking three points. I should be able to fix it, said the captain Bergens Tidende.

Hedenstad looked to have gone off the rails early, but WEWEVideo Assistant Referee: Video referee who intervenes in the event of a major refereeing error. so there’s no reason to give Brann another penalty kick.

– I think it looks pretty obvious that he put his foot a little over the line, but I’ll say it anyway, Heltne Nilsen told BT of the situation.

This was Sivert Heltne Nilsen’s first time burn one penalty kicks (6 goals, 1 missed).

SAVE POINTS: Mads Hedenstad defended with a tiger jump on Sivert Heltne Nilsen’s second penalty.

– We almost had it, and it’s a shame Sivert didn’t put the last one in there. I don’t really know if the keepers are too far away, but I think we are fighting and are definitely the best team. We should have taken this one, Fredrik Pallesen Knudsen told TV 2.

The draw means Brann remains in second place in the Eliteserien, but is now just one point ahead of Tromsø. Lillestrøm is in fifth place.

David Møller Wolfe played his last game for Brann, and now heads to AZ in the Netherlands.

– That’s sad, of course. It’s not something I was looking forward to, and it’s crazy that we didn’t win. At the same time, I look back on this period in Brann as a very exciting time and it was a dream to play for this club, Møller Wolfe told TV 2.

THANKS TO THEM: David Møller Wolfe said goodbye to the Brann fans after the match.

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