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Due to the importance of the Czech Presidency in the European Union (CZ PRES), the Czech Center prepares various activities. Under the motto Vision for Europe, there is a Czech cultural institution in the EU
Even non-European destinations present 10 Soviet projects, which form the main course of the upcoming cultural season. The program was created with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, and the councils are joined in its implementation together with Czech centers abroad.

There are a total of 10 projects, which were created by Czech centers in collaboration with foreign and Czech partners over the past year. One thing, for example
o Technology Agency R, Vclav Havel Library, Magistrt p. Prague and a number of other entities.

The presidency for us means flexibility for overall positive presentation on the ground in the world. This is the composition of the program, involving all 17 European and 7 non-European foreign centers for the second half of the year, ekl Ondej ern, general editor of the Czech center.

The Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union vnmm as an important platform in terms of foreign presentations in the fields of politics, business and culture. It is important to strengthen a country’s reputation in the world through cultural diplomacy. Thanks to the interesting program of the Czech centers, which we have prepared together for the presidency, we were able to present the Czech Republic as a developed democratic country, open to foreign cooperation, which does not care about the so-called international difficulties, dodv Jan Lipavsk, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Rc.

All projects are united by the darkness of Europe’s future, that is the motto of the Visions for Europe program. The project is built on these main lines, namely sustainability, innovation
and creativity. In particular, the strongest motive is the first darkness of sustainability, which processes the project SDGs: Innovation for a Sustainable Future. A state of preparedness for changing realities is a goal of sustainable development, either
from the Czech Republic and the world to fulfill this task. Project Laboratory of the future researching sustainable design, the darkness of sustainability of urban communities and public spaces and then developing model projects Street Fulfill (Wall painting) Art. Some traditional Czech center projects, such as literary night or Vlav Havel European dialogue.

People who took part in the project, but selected intellectuals and artists, will then meet in the project Vision for Europewhere, through short videos, they present their personal vision of Europe and what they themselves have to say about it. Our main goal is to create a program that is not purely Czech, but truly European. We do not represent
in the first place Czech personality and in a hurry, this of course will be included in the project. However, we want to be responsible for communicating the darkness of Europe and try to write about them
to Tom Sacher, Head of Program C for the Presidency of the European Union.

In this context, the Czech center will be at the forefront Brussels sdlc in metropolis and europe. Throughout July, large battalions of Czech and European artists will fly next to the European Commission. Of course, we also invite artists from Ukraine to this prestigious and visible artistic installation. The head of the French tafet in the Czech Republic will take place in the form of a god in the honor of Ztopkov. Let’s go
i mdn pehldku young eskch a belgickch nvrh adu dalho. eskou kulturn stopu v Brussels so urit will not miss,
closed Jitka Pnek Jurkov, editor of the Czech Center Brussels.

10 PROJECT eskch center k CZ pRes:


Fixed stage ( for the CZ PRES project.

The project encourages interaction and discussion on sustainability, the environment, and the impact of new trends on society and the economy.

Interactive exhibitions are presented in various realities.

An international conference that seeks to open and develop discussion on the topics that define contemporary Europe today, taking into account the legacy of Václav Havel.


Traditional literary festivals organized by Czech centers in a number of European countries, including R.


The intervention of Czech visual artists in the public spaces of foreign cities.


A project involving the youngest generation in the CZ PRES program. We are working on hundreds of European rounds and your competition in Europe’s future.

The gradual creation of selected artists through refurbished machines that revive cities powerfully in public spaces.

This exhibition showcases the innovative deposits in the world’s harvest from its encounters
current moment.

The project works with active participation in thematic sporting events during the presidency.

These projects are described in more detail in the Soviet project document of the Czech Center for the Presidency of the European Union. (scheduled 1 July 2022)

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