EU countries have agreed to a fourth package of sanctions against Russia

The most important information is dated March 14th.

  • The Ukrainian state company that operates the Enerhoatom nuclear power plant said that Russian occupation forces detonated explosives in the area of ​​the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Controlled explosions will occur in the places where it caught fire after the night attack, in which Russia took over Europe’s largest nuclear facility on March 4. That is, in the training facility and in the first unit of the power plant.
  • Russia has asked China for military assistance, and the Kremlin is running out of weapons, according to the Financial Times. Because of this, President Joe Biden’s government fears that Beijing will undermine Western efforts to help defend Ukraine. More in this text.
  • The strongest public acknowledgment so far that Moscow’s actions did not go according to plan – this is the statement of Putin’s ally, the head of the National Guard, Viktor Zolotov. He said Russia’s military operations in Ukraine were not progressing as fast as the Kremlin had envisioned.
  • European Union representatives today approved the fourth package of sanctions against Russia since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine less than three weeks ago. Dozens of oligarchs will be added to the sanctions list, including the owner of the London football club, Roman Abramovich.
  • The war is only 20 kilometers from the borders of NATO member states. According to Ukrainian authorities, Russia attacked a military base in the city of Javoriv on the Polish border with rockets on Sunday morning.
  • The Czech government started looking for land to build a refugee camp. More info.

We are also monitoring the situation on Sunday:

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