EU News – March 23, 2023. What does the European Commission tell EU citizens?

On March 23, 2023, a tweet appeared on the European Commission’s profile: “🇪🇺 General Directorate of Mobility and Transport:” Applause @metropoliagzm for receiving the #MobilityAction award! 🎉 This 🇵🇱 project turns a car park into a pedestrian zone 🌼🌲👨🏃 at the University of Silesia[email protected] space is being used by more and more students and residents”…”.

We follow the European Commission’s twitter account to stay abreast of the most important information about the European Union. You will find reports from reports commissioned by European agencies, information about the latest changes in the community, how to safely move around the EU, announcements of EU competitions and many other interesting and important information.

European Commission news from 23 March 2023

🇪🇺 Directorate General of Mobility and Transport:
“Applause @metropoliagzm for receiving the #MobilityAction award! 🎉
This 🇵🇱 project turns a car park into a pedestrian zone 🌼🌲👨🏃 at the University of Silesia
More and more students and residents are using the space.”

RT @EUinmyRegion: The winner of the first #MobilityAction Award is.. @Metropolia_Gzm 🎉
In Katowice they gathered sustainable mobility experts…

🤩 What news!
🇵🇱 @metropoliagzm won the 🇪🇺 #MobilityAction competition during European Mobility Week @mobilityweek, beating Italian and Belgian competitors! The results were just announced at a ceremony in Brussels. Congratulations🥇

RT @PremierRP: 🇵🇱 🇪🇺 On March 23 and 24, the #EUCO European Council meeting was held in #Brussels.

➡️ Summit dedicated to further support…

RT @PremierRP: 🇪🇺 Prime Minister @MorawieckiM: In these very difficult circumstances in which we must function – the war in Ukraine, in…

RT @EUinWroclaw: What comes to mind when you see a father doing his daughter’s hair? Is it something out of the ordinary? Gender stereotype boundaries…

RT @EUinWroclaw: The next speaker of tomorrow’s debate “With a View of Belarus” will be Uladzimir Niaklajeu, a Belarusian poet and prose writer,…

We also congratulate the bronze winner 🥉 in the European Tree of the Year competition: an apple tree from Ukraine 🇺🇦, who won 14219 votes!

Oak Fabrykant from Łódź 🇵🇱 won 🥇 (45​​718 votes), and Dragon Oak from 🇸🇰 Slovakia -🥈 (18,198 votes).
Internet users cast 177,486 votes in the plebiscite.


🌳 Lodz Oak Manufacturer with the title of European Tree of the Year 2023! 🇵🇱 Polish oak beat 15 competitors. Congratulations 🥳
🌳 The manufacturer is 180 years old and the name refers to the history of the Łódź factory.
🌳 Competition coordinated in Poland by @klubgaja

TODAY at 19.00 WIB we will meet 🇪🇺 cities that stand out in mobility activities.
What’s important, in the top three finalists of the #MobilityAction competition are…
🇵🇱 @miasto_katowice @metropoliagzm
We hope that the Polish finalists will be able to collect victory in the competition 🙂

RT @EUinWroclaw: Today, on World Water Day, the UN Water Conference kicks off, where we join the international community…

RT @EUinWroclaw: We have the first speakers of Friday’s debate “With a Look at Belarus”: Aliaksandr Milinkevich, opposition candidate…

RT @EUinWroclaw: Has Russia’s aggression against Ukraine made the voice of the Belarusian opposition less heard today? Together with @Eu…

I have the pleasure of welcoming 🇵🇱 representatives of the European Union Affairs Committee of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland –
We had a good discussion about the challenges of EU expansion policy 🇪🇺.

  • O. Varhelyi, 🇪🇺 Environment and Enlargement Commissioner

RT @jwojc: The first day of the European Agriculture Forum in Rzeszów-Jasionka has started 🇵🇱 with my participation. I was expecting a hard solution…

I met with 25 Polish 🇵🇱 MEPs to talk about EU 🇪🇺 activities, especially the cohesion policy.

We had valuable discussions with MPs to deepen dialogue and cultivate mutual understanding in our joint efforts.
-commissioner 🇪🇺 E. Ferreira

🔵 How to effectively support the Polish region 🇵🇱 ❓
🔵 Delegation @KancelariaSejmu 🇵🇱 discussed this and many additional issues with the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform 🇪🇺 @ElisaFerreiraEC.
🔵Parliamentary visit to Brussels coordinated by our political department:
@W_Wysocki @ElizaAmati @surowiec_m.

🇵🇱@KancelariaSejmu members continued their visit to EU institutions today🇪🇺.
Yesterday we discussed with the Commissioner:
🇪🇺@ElisaFerreiraEC about the future of the region, EU expansion, net zero emissions.

RT @GrzegorzGaza: 🤝 Topic of meeting with EU Commissioner for Energy @KadriSimson was #energysecurity. We also talk about developing…

RT @ElizaAmati: 🇵🇱 EU Affairs Committee member @KancelariaSejmu talks to Commissioner 🇪🇺 @OliverVarhelyi about EU expansion plans, as long as visas…


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