European Commission to reduce fine in Poland for not liquidating Disciplinary Chamber | Rule

This is the second tranche of money received from Poland – reports Brussels RMF FM Correspondent. EUR 42 million is a fine in respect of the period from January 11 to February 21 inclusive (one million euros per day). The transfer for Poland was cut on Wednesday, 18 May, after Warsaw did not respond to a warning sent on 29 April this year.

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Poland loses EUR 111 million

The European Commission reduces the second tranche of fines. Poland, for failing to comply with the decision CJEU, it lost EUR 111 million, which is more than PLN half a billion. And this is still only part of the total number of sentences handed down.

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Solidarna Polska Supports the Supreme Court’s Presidential Reform Project? We ask Mr Fogel

The first time the European Commission handed down a sentence was in April. It was EUR 69 million for the period from 3 November 2021 to 10 January 20222. Now, it is EUR 42 million for the period from 11 January to 21 February inclusive.

The total amount of penalties imposed on Poland has amounted to EUR 198 million (EUR million for each day of delay). The main part of this amount, the mentioned EUR 111 million, has been cut by Brussels.

Brussels reduces the amount proposed by the state budget for invoices already settled with the regions, and it is he who loses the money, not the beneficiaries, namely the local government.

Presidential bill approved by parliamentary committee

This week, the DPR’s Commission for Justice and Human Rights examines the draft amendments to the President to the Supreme Court. It provides, among other things, the liquidation of the Chamber of Discipline and its replacement with the Chamber of Professional Responsibility. The Committee recommended introducing the amendments proposed by Polish Law and Justice and Solidarity to the draft.

Approved corrections included. they clarify the premises of “the test of impartiality and judicial independence”. The test proposed by the president assumes that any participant in the litigation will be able to request that the impartiality and independence of judges be tested. The amendment accepted by the committee changed the deadline for filing motions from three days to a week. They also provide additional provisions regarding the need to present evidence of actual circumstances which is the premise of this test. The committee’s approval was also obtained through amendments to Solidarna Polska, including the addition of the opening draft.

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