Every final will be a success. What am I looking forward to? On sticks, said head coach Sluka before the World Cup – ČT sport – Czech Television

The World Championships have started in the Hungarian capital this Saturday. Twenty-three Czech competitors will be introduced at the event, while the main focus will be on trio Jakub Vadlejch (who is the only one to defend his medal), Tomáš Staněk and Amálie Švábíková. These three must advance to the finals of the championship and, especially in Vadlejch’s case, are also fighting for the precious metal.

Pavel Sluka will lead the entire expedition from the position of head coach, as in the last championship in Eugene. What did they face in the last days before departure? Especially the health of the entire expedition, where, for example, Nikola Ogrodníková is still struggling with the consequences of his injuries. “But the whole team is in good health, we will only deal with minor health problems,” said Sluka.

He himself supported the forecast and his main ambitions in the Czech Republic were directed towards throwing. “Czech athletics has always counted on them, and it will be no different in Budapest. Our strongest duo is Vadlejch, Staněk. We hope they will make us happy and be on the front lines,” he believes in domestic athletics, as Vadlejch competed in the World Championships for the first time in 2011.

The most expected from Vadlejch, who won bronze in the world competition a year ago. “However, the World Cup is a tough competition with great competition so any final position will be an achievementchem,” Sluka added, adding that the mixed relay team, who performed brilliantly at the recent World Team Championships, could also have ambitions to make it to the final selection.

Much is also expected from Amália Švábíková thanks to this year’s performance. “IN THE during his indoor season, he stepped onto the top of the world and I’ve got word that he’s in solid form,” Sluka invited to the event in the pole vault, with whom he is still very close as a former competitor.

“Armand Duplantis put in a notable performance and maybe we can expect another world record strike. But of course I will especially be watching the Czech team,” added the Czech head coach, who has been in his position since fall 2021. , with a smile. You can watch the Czech expedition to the World Cup in Budapest take place from Saturday live on ČT sport and ČT sport Plus.

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