Exhale. List News is preparing a new podcast about mental health

In a new mental health podcast series, we ask psychotherapists and experts how to manage today’s challenges and stay sane.

Vydech’s podcast is accompanied by a journalist Šárka Kabátováthat you know from Seznam Zpráv thanks to My reporting series or regular glosses.

“Mental illness is a societal problem and people are still reluctant to talk about it. In our conversations with experts from the world of psychology, we will therefore offer a mental box as a last resort. Say final but I would easily replace it with the word preventive. As well as helping to direct feelings, we will also give advice on how to breathe,” said Kabátová.

The first episode of the Výdech podcast series released on Thursday, September 29 – questions about how to manage anxiety due to social and economic crises will be answered by Miroslav Světlák, head of the Department of Psychology and Psychosomatics at the Medical School of Masaryk University .

“After the outbreak of the pandemic, I noticed how many people around me were experiencing a decline in mental health. I was struck by how powerful it works when ordinary personal problems are added to the misery of what is happening around us. I myself felt it most strongly after the Russian attack on Ukraine,” the host added.

Photo: David Neff, News List

Moderator of the new series Výdech Šárka Kabátová.

In other works, he will also tackle the topic of misinformation in the family, how to avoid being oppressed by caring for children and elderly parents at the same time, or who and why is affected by environmental grief.

We also want to use your stories and questions. Write to the email address vydech@sz.cz.

We thank the Psychologie.cz server and editor-in-chief Jan Majer for the initial consultation.

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