Expected event March 21, 2022

Here’s an overview of the events expected on Monday, March 21:

Pope Francis will give an audience to Lebanese President Michel Aoun. Vatican diplomacy has recently paid attention to the Middle Eastern country affected by the political and economic crisis.

In Brussels, EU foreign ministers will discuss Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Agriculture ministers will also talk about the impact of this invasion on Brussels.

Today, the current needs of Ukrainian war refugees and possible assistance will be discussed by local or municipal governments in several places, such as representatives from eské Budějovice, council members in eský Krumlov or crisis staff in the Liberec Region.

The labor office will also begin to deal with and provide new humanitarian benefits for Ukrainian refugees.

An elementary school for Ukrainian children will start operating in an unused school building in Brno.

In the evening, a film by Polish director Agnieszka Hollandová Pan Jones will be screened at the City Library in Prague. Proceeds from the entry fee will be donated to the Post Bellum project, which ensures the distribution of protective equipment and material security to the defenders of Ukraine.

The following year the One World human rights film festival began under the title Freedom Roads. Starting today, public screenings of films take place in Hradec Králové, Opava and stí nad Labem. Starting April 3, twenty other cities will join, including Prague.

Volunteers from the Olomouc region will receive the Křesadlo award for 2021 in the evening.

Global Money Week’s international awareness-raising initiative, which supports youth financial literacy, is underway. This will take place in children’s schools and homes a series of lectures and workshops where experts teach children how to use money.

At the Prague crematorium in Strašnice, people will say goodbye to Eva Zaoralová, a film journalist and longtime collaborator of the Karlovy Vary festival, one last time.

Czech National Day will take place at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. The main theme is the Czech Spring, which includes music, theatre, secondary arts, literature, fashion, computer games and art installations.

And the 59th Children’s Book Fair begins in Bologna, Italy.

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