Falla spoke warmly about her friend’s coaching candidacy: – Made me choose the right path

31-year-old Falla is on the think tank on whether or not he will continue the new season. To NTB, he admitted that he had made a decision, but did not want to reveal where it was going.

Falla denied that the management of the national team was pushing for clarification, and he was clear that he was in no hurry to communicate a final decision.

As the 31-year-old considers his own future on the ski trail, the Norwegian Ski Association is looking for a new national team coach for the women’s team in Norwegian cross-country skiing. Ole Morten Iversen and Ola Vigen Hattestad both retired after this season.

Falla was excited about who would be brought in to fill the vacancy.

– There are many alternatives. There’s almost always a new option on Facebook, I say, so there’s obviously a lot of, the cross-country star laughs.

Greetings to Kristoffersen

Challenged over who he wants to be as the new boss, the 31-year-old appointed former national team mate Marthe Kristoffersen.

– I have to say Marthe. He is one of my best friends, with whom I was a team-mate for many years. I like him both as a friend and a coach, Falla says — and elaborates:

– It was only after I spoke to him last year that I became excited to take on another season. Then I felt very insecure, and had a very difficult year. He made me choose the right path. He’s very good, and I see that he has a lot of great qualities as a coach that girls can take advantage of.

Falla is clear that he believes the ski association will in all cases find a strong candidate.

– I’m sure they will find a good coach, but I have to support Marthe, because she is my friend.

Never in between

At the same time, Falla will give no guarantee that his career will continue if Kristoffersen is brought into the coaching staff.

– No, but it’s hard to possibly have to quit if Marthe becomes the coach. “We’ll see, it’s just speculation,” said the 31-year-old.

In the work of making decisions about his own future, Falla is considering new steps for the body to play more in the team than it has done in recent seasons.

– I feel that sometimes I do very well, and sometimes very badly. Never in between. And maybe the bad period comes faster than before, while the good period is shorter. Then you have to think about why it could be like that, said the veteran of the national team.

– How do you interpret that?

– I interpret it to mean that I have a body that has been trained a lot over the years and it feels tense. Then I had to figure out what I could have done differently, and if there was something I wanted to accomplish.

Reduce exercise

– You have to think completely new?

– If I want to continue next year, I have to take the risk and do something else. For example, exercising very little. Then I had to make a judgment on whether I wanted to do it, or do something completely different, Falla said bluntly.

The thought of giving up did not frighten the 31-year-old.

– Not too. This is a time for everything, and I’ve known it since I started. I am starting to grow and I am looking forward to living a normal life. Long slumber on Saturdays and all, Falla smirked.

At the same time, he mentions having to practice drastically let alone a hard game.

– Either you become very good, or you become very bad. You really just have to follow your heart and do what you want to do, Falla concludes.

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