Fear in Czech holiday paradise: Infectious leprosy has emerged in Greece

A case of leprosy has occurred in Peloponnese Greece, a rare 65-year-old woman is being treated in isolation at a hospital in Patras. Local state television ERT informed him today. According to him, this is the second case in Greece in as many days. But the CNN Greece server said there was only one case, and some media reported two cases because the samples were sent to a laboratory in another city.

write ERT TVthat a few days ago there was a report of a leper patient at Athens’ Attikon Hospital. However, according to CNN’s Greek version, they only examined samples from hospitals in Patras. According to these two sources, a sixty-five year old woman of Albanian origin is being treated there, she is isolated and her health is not serious.

However, the National Health Office (EODY) has not reported any cases of leprosy in Greece. According to one of the local servers, one case of the disease was detected in Greece in 2020.

Leprosy, formerly known as leprosy is an infectious disease. It’s also called Hansen’s disease, according to a Norwegian doctor who discovered it, the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. In contrast to previous centuries, when patients were isolated in the so-called leprosals, often built on islands, the disease is now easily treatable if detected early. However, the incubation period is relatively long, it can manifest itself in one year, but also in twenty. The first symptom is red spots on the skin and then a rash resembling a pimple, accompanied by a loss of emotion. Without treatment, the infection can seriously damage the nerves and cause paralysis or disability in the fingers.

Hansen’s disease is not very contagious and most people are immune to it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were 127,500 new cases worldwide in 2020, mostly in India and Brazil.

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