FIFA will test technological innovation, it will help with offside

The international football federation FIFA has previously announced that it intends to reduce the error rate in judging situations in football matches, which are often influenced by human factors. Gradually, he found a number of conveniences. But he wants to try a new technology that must assess offsides as accurately as possible. The so-called semi-automatic system should be used for this purpose, which had to be tested for the first time during December at the Arab Cup in Qatar.

As boundaries in the concept of football or tactics shift, so do changes in decision-making at key moments. For example, VAR technology has been at the highest level for a long time, and world football leaders are constantly trying to improve the conditions for referees and players so that match results are as little affected as possible. by human factors and misjudgment.

“Technology is very important and useful,” said the chief FIFA Jury and former Judge Pierluigi Collina himself. Arsene Wenger, who works at FIFA as Director of Global Development, has previously highlighted the development of new technical features.

“I still have to keep it a secret, but we have a lot to do with whistling. We’re researching everything right now. Current technology can recognize five-inch offsides.” said at an October press conference in Paris.

It is now clear that he is talking primarily about the so-called semi-automatic system, which should only recognize offsides. The novelty of the technology works on the principle of scanning with a number of cameras, the data is then evaluated by a computer and warns of possible positions outside the video referee’s video.

How the system should work is outlined by FIFA Director of Technology Johannes Holzmüller on the website FIFA. “We will install a camera system under the roof of every stadium. The limb tracking data of the players will be sent to the operating room, where the offside line and the detected kick point will be calculated.” introduced to new technology.

At the same time, he admits that the human factor cannot be reduced completely. Key words in the decision should be made by the video referee, who will judge how the player caught in the offside trap was involved in the game. The novelty will have to be tested in December, at the Arab Cup in Qatar.

In the match between AS Roma and FC Turin, VAR intervened. Thanks to him, the judge overturned the sentence. Due to previous offside:



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