Figure skater Kostomarov’s health has deteriorated sharply: His life hangs in the balance!

First, he was missing his leg, part of it, and presumably part of his finger. Now star figure skater Roman Kostomarov (46) could even lose his life! As reported by the Russian media, the well-known athlete’s health condition has deteriorated sharply. In particular, he should have a damaged part of the brain!

Very serious. According to Moscow doctors, this is the state of health of skater Roman Kostomarov, who was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia on January 10. According to the RIA Novosti news agency, the 2006 Olympic gold medalist is now suspected of having a brain hemorrhage.

“There was bleeding, and part of the brain was damaged. He has a hematoma there and his condition is very serious.” the agency said. The SHOT channel of the Telegram social network adds that the biggest problems are in the right occipital and left parietal regions.

“The focus was on the right frontal lobe, where he had swelling. Doctors believe that the otitis media infection may have traveled from the ear to the brain and caused complications.” define channel.

Kostomarov had to be taken to the Moscow Kommunarka hospital after performing outdoors in The Wizard of Oz in insane -30 degree temperatures. Doctors then diagnosed sepsis with pneumonia and placed him in the intensive care unit, where he was hooked up to a ventilator. Then the infection spreads. As a result, according to local media, he had to amputate his leg, part of it and part of a finger. Can they save his life?

Kostomarov is fighting for his life. According to the doctor, he started bleeding in the brain

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