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Hence, he would use the upcoming free weekend to prepare himself. Together with my partner representatives, I will go to Ramsau, where they will hone their jumps and try to build on their jumping performance from last winter.

He starts on December 15, when the World Championships will continue in central Austria.

I’ve had success at Ramsau in the past. I like it there too, because the towns there remind me of the towns in Harrachov, in the Portyk twenties. I will go there with this idea. I’ll take a look at all of them, and when I add a bit of burr, maybe it’ll be better.

Can you explain why it’s not working on the bridge yet?
I missed the reflection from the edge. I did all the jumps late, which is a good thing in a situation where the bench is going down and we have low pace. But I know that when I want to hit them, like I need to, it will be better.

How’s it going after Beck’s stubble?
I have to admit that I wasn’t even as home as I should have been. I wasn’t far away before the World Cup, so I lost a few quick kilometers. But that’s what’s attached to each lead. I’m reading more and hoping I’ll adjust my jumps and land where I need to, so I’ll try to ride better. I don’t need to have a fast butt, which suits me.

World Cup – Hands ✅

A lot of seduction in those days! But I really enjoyed it! After five acts on the spikes, the massive saw stuck to the front, and I’m happy about it! We continue the weekend in Norway.
Thank you for your support and positive start ❤️! I may not be happy about that. ..

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November 27, 2022 8:34 p.m. pspvek archived: December 6, 2022 2:50 p.m.

Your main goal is to become the world champion in Planica on the nora and dash field. Do you have enough time to perfect the form?
Hmm yes. We’re going to be making a lot of jumps, we’re going to have a lot of descent, so there’s going to be room for improvement. I hope you will buy us a place in Harrachov, where I want to spend my holidays. If it doesn’t work, I think I’ll go somewhere to dance.

In a good year, you suffer from health problems, you don’t sweat at all during those months. Is it in the horseshoe this year?
The controls don’t work out the way I would like, but it’s possible to work with them. I can usually kill all co-conspirators, which is my responsibility. I’ll check up again on Thursday, so I’ll see. I hope the beaver is healthy and I can concentrate on seduction.

You used to talk about problems in such a way that you suddenly stopped talking. Did you find the pin details?
No, not at all. I go regularly every month for inspections and inspections. I’m under observation, so if by any chance my previous condition returns, the doctor will stop me. I would recognize it from the deer but also sm. Fourth, I didn’t have it the first time, so I couldn’t get past you even five kilometers.

He had to be greatly encouraged when he could be completely impaled again.
Own loan. When I started thorns, I had bad taste. I enjoyed it too. They even had to slow me down so I wasn’t pushing through the spines and just doing what I had to do. But I know the spikes have been put in place and the shape will go up ahead of the World Cup.

You said that you should adjust your weight a bit after coming back. Does it work?
Sent. This is also a bit of a paradox. I need to eat and drink so I can sleep well and have a good voice.

How about weight? do you eat it as much as you jump, or vice versa, do you need a side job?
Vichni vhu tla be as smooth as possible. But she had to make it so that they also had slu in bras. Kad has to find what works for him. However, the general rule is that every pound on the bridge is more important than where you lay, so you have an advantage. Unfortunately, that’s how it is. Here are new measures and the FIS organization encourages us to have a low BMI (body mass index) they do not have.

How ideal for you with a height of 178 centimeters?
I may never meet Idel. Your showjumping coach wants me to lose ten kilos off me, which is just plain unfair. Therefore, I had to compromise, so the mm limit was set at 67 and 66.5 kilos.

Are you looking for it?
When I started training, I weighed about 74 kilograms. So losing the desired weight is clearly not easy. Plus, when you get the result that you have three percent body fat and you need to lose weight, that becomes a problem.

Seversk Combination. The team consisting of Paout, Dank, Vytrval and Portyna at the 2022 Beijing Olympics. In the photo, Tom Portyk in action. (17 November 2022)

This probably deserves a reprieve, right?
Own loan. Dear. When I need to throw something away, I allow it to fill me with lots of candy. I sweat my calories, my friend helps me with that, I take the test every month, so I can control it.

Does it bother you at night too?
Well, I drank you at home after about a month, so I took it off a bit. On the other hand, when you reach the desired altitude, you can go up a lot, not when you are in a phase when you need to go down. Now I’m not in such a situation that I have to starve. I need energy, so I have to eat.

He is only 26 years old, but you have been at the elite level since you were seventeen. When are you going to start flirting so early, to put you in your fifties?
This will probably be very individual. I know people who are ten plus years old, underwater and it’s still fun. In Lillehammer, I walked you to the thorns with Akito Wataba (who is 34 years old). We spoke and said he was enjoying it and as long as he was, he would beat the Nordic combination. I don’t know any boundaries. As long as I enjoy it, I want to exercise. But certainly not bad just for this one.

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