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The first part of the new project “OMAR SHERIFF” is out!

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The last two years naturally influenced the songwriting. Writing patterns are less influenced by external factors. The desire to temporarily shut down the world suddenly became several years due to the pandemic. They were not only in a bubble mentally, but actually – in the studio, in the building at Skien. In this project, you will hear them dream to the fullest, to a stadium concert in India and as entertainment at a Lebanese wedding. The building eventually served as a portal to the rest of the world.

More detached from the world than ever before, Chirag says he has written the song without having to limit himself or be too obvious.

– I have for the first time wrote music without thinking that I should become an interpreter. That’s the best and scariest thing about this project for me. Maybe rap won’t be good until you take off that translator hat? It has become a pop diaspora.

Director Kavar Singh has visualized a new concept, which can only be experienced Here viewers cannot choose to stop, start, or scroll. Content goes in a loop and you should set aside some time to see it all.

OMAR SHERIFF blends language and style in a way Karpe has never done before. This release featured artists such as Jonas Benyoub, Emilie Nicolas and violinist Harpreet Bansal. In August, Karpe will play ten concerts at the Oslo Spektrum. Finally.

Listen to the six new songs in the playlist below:

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