Fire in Drangedal: – Set fire to own house

– Hello, this is Kari Tisjø, the pyromaniac, said Kari Tisjø (50) on the phone.

Dagbladet contacted Tisjø on Saturday afternoon. Hours earlier, emergency services had to respond to fires in two buildings in Merkebekk in Dragendal.

Fires happen, but the police don’t need to use vast resources to find the culprits.

He was standing in front of the burning building when the police arrived, and in his hand he held the match that was used to commit the “crime”.

House of Anne-Marie (78) destroyed by fire: – Terrible

– Likes to manage alone

Because Tisjø himself was responsible for the fire on his estate. Both buildings were planned to be demolished in the near future, and Tisjø thought he could “take matters into his own hands” when it came to the small outhouses.

So he lit the outhouse, and planned to grill some sausages. He could destroy the huge building later.

– I like to take care of myself, and we live in the countryside. Then I felt allowed to live a little free, a little naughty, says Tisjø.

He first called the fire department when he set fire to the outhouse, to “admit his sin” and tell them not to worry if they received a report of a fire.

He was told to call them if the fire appeared to be spreading to a larger house, Kari said – which was done quickly.

Lost control

Tisjø realized he no longer had control of the fire and had to call the fire department. So no sausages.

– It went so fast, I said “Damn it, it’s raining hard” to my sister, said Tisjø.

FIRE: The fire spread quickly, said Tisjø.  Private photo.

FIRE: The fire spread quickly, said Tisjø. Private photo.
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Emergency services arrived in full force and began to control the fire, but both buildings eventually burned to the ground.

– It’s a little funny. The people are cheerful and the weather is nice, I have to take it with a smile, says Tisjø, with a lurking laugh.

– It was a small mistake, one might say, and I have more experience.

Full print in the bedroom

Full print in the bedroom

Interrogated by police

Tisjø said he had a demolition permit. Everything was emptied and power cut, and there was never any danger to life or health.

On the other hand, the fire caused a number of traffic problems, as the county road that passed through the house had to be closed for several hours. That’s not included in the calculations, says Tisjø.

He had been questioned by police, where he took a lighter as evidence, he said.

– I lay down completely and told everything that I had done. Geft is free, but I hope to get a reaction. I just have to accept my punishment, and I’m really excited about what’s to come, said Tisjø.

He hoped that the sanctions would not take too much from the demolition budget.

Sold for 28,000

Sold for 28,000

– Not very tactful

The operations manager at the Southeastern police district, Jan Kristian Johnsrud, confirmed that a case had been opened regarding the matter.

– That’s not very wise, people do a lot of strange things. Fortunately, he was very honest about this, and happy that he told him what had happened, Johnsrud told Dagbladet.

Since Tisjø did not hide the “mistake”, no technical investigation has yet been conducted.

– Is burning one’s own property a crime?

– I can’t decide if it’s punishable, the lawyers have to look at that. It has surpassed other things, but it was an accident. There may be a negligence assessment, Johnsrud said.

Tisjø said he had learned from the incident, and he would not do it again.

– My motto usually goes well, but today it didn’t, said Tisjø.

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