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– It’s not every day you get someone like that more than ten kilos!, Stby told Dagbladet.

Fishermen from Eidsvoll have indeed caught the first river trout of the year weighing more than ten kilograms. A measure held in high esteem by fishermen on Norway’s largest lake.

stby said that the weight stopped at 1010 grams, more than 10 kilograms.

Hamar Fishing Association leader, Eirik Robsahm, has confirmed to Dagbladet that the trout is the biggest this year.

Past fishing newspaper which mentions the first catch.

– Disaster

stby says that getting fish over ten kilos is a “dream”.

– I’ve caught some big fish before too but I don’t think I’ll tip that limit. There’s always hope when you work there hour after hour, he said and added:

– Good thing I didn’t log how many hours I spent out there.

Stby was out fishing with his girlfriend on a Monday night when the reels went smoothly. He said that the fish was a bit tough.

FAT: According to stby, trout has a K factor of nearly 1.4.  Private photo

FAT: According to stby, trout has a K factor of nearly 1.4. Private photo
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– That’s something cruel. I thought I had been given a stick. I didn’t realize it was a fish until it was airborne. It was so much fun!, he said.

He estimated that he fought the beast for about half an hour before getting on the boat.

Feedback on the catch isn’t long in coming either.

– There are many who are envious and impressed, he said of the fish, which is the largest of its kind this year.

For the record: The largest trout caught in Mjøsa was caught by Robert Torp in 1981. It weighed up to 15.3 kilograms!

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The lucky fisherman joked that he should switch to fishing for halibut (which can be over 200kg journ.anm.), but is now joking that he’s going for an old record.

– I can do it, of course, he said.

stby wanted to let the big fish out again, but he was too captivated.

– Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to save it. I want to release it again, he said.

If fish is to be food, it has to be smoked, says Stby.

– Fish weighing between one and two kilograms are best for food, but the flesh of the fish is bright red.

– So do you have any toppings for Christmas?

– I have orders for next Christmas again, there is a large quantity, stby jokes.

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