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Most people would probably associate goldfish with the little fish you buy at the pet store and bring home in a plastic bag.

This goldfish is of a completely different caliber.

Over 30 kilos

Fisherman Andy Hackett, 42, has made a lifelong memory after catching one of the world’s biggest goldfish.

BLOBB BLOBB: Fishermen have known for years that the shy and elusive goldfish can be found in lakes. No one has managed to lift it yet – until now! Photo: BNPS
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This was written by several British media, among others Security.

According to the Bournemouth News and Picture Service, the weight a giant orange fish that bears the nickname “Carrot” – and weighs over 30 kilograms!

The fish is the result of a cross between a skin carp and a koi fish which are traditionally orange in color.

– Very shy

It is believed that ‘Carrot’ is more than 20 years old and was released in Bluewater Lakes in France’s Champagne district a few years ago. It was owner Jason Cowler releasing goldfish:

– We brought out “Carrot” about 20 years ago, so fishermen had something unique to fish with. Since then, the fish has grown and developed, but rarely appears. He was very shy, said Cowler.


GIGA CARP: The fairy tale “Carrot” weighs over 30 kilograms – and is at least 20 years old. Photo: BNPS
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The lake is frequented by hobby fishermen, but the mysterious “Carrot” has proven to be very elusive.

– I always knew that “Carrot” was there, but I never thought I would catch it, said Andy.

The world’s largest

Andy spent 25 minutes swinging the big catch, and cheered as he weighed the goldfish. Turns out that’s 13 kilograms heavier than the world’s largest goldfish – caught in Minnesota in the US in 2019.

BIG SPREAD: Zach Piller and his dad, Doug, really get a big surprise on a fishing trip. Reporter: Christina H. Korneliussen/Dagbladet TV
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Not only that, “Carrot” is more than twice the size of a 13kg orange koi caught in southern France in 2010.

– I knew it was a big fish when I took the bait, and dragged it from side to side – and up and down. Then surfaced 30-35 meters to the lake and I saw it was orange, said the happy fisherman.

It’s been published

Andy poses for a photoshoot with “Carrot”, before being released back into the lake.

This form of fishing – pure catch and release – where the aim is simply to experience the joy and excitement of fishing and then releasing the fish again – violates the Animal Welfare Act and is prohibited in Norway, inform Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

– She is very healthy and beautiful. “We congratulate Andy on a great catch,” said owner Jason Cowler.

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