For the Kremlin tempted to pay from the Nazi Ukraine. How did the propaganda come out when the wolf broke out?

For a world without Nazism, marking the 18th anniversary at a Moscow concert in the eighth year of the occupation of Crimea. Associated with Nazism and Faism, the Kremlin sought to turn Ukraine into a Russian star.
Author Reuters

KRemel’s propaganda did not strike the Ukrainians as either Faists or Nazis. However, the occurrence of these words has begun to increase in the Russian alliance over the past year. This follows from an analysis conducted by consulting firm Deloitte. Piracy with the Nazis then escalated dramatically after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech in the week when Russian flows into Ukraine came.

Therefore, doesn’t Russian propaganda predict an invasion?You ask yourself this questionJlius Rusnk, senior data analyst at Deloitte. Together with colleagues, they prepared for the internal needs of link analysis companies in the Russian-speaking region from March 2020 to today. He uses the company’s AOSint system, which companies typically use for business-related analysis.

Deloitte analysts are personally curious about the results. One of Rusnko’s colleagues, who worked on an analysis of 36,000 people, is one from Russia and the other from Ukraine.zjitn, ”k Rusnk.

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