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If you subscribe to the more expensive version of PlayStation Plus, you get access to an extensive library of games. It will expand with more games on February 21, and this time there really is something to fight for. The main draw is Horizon: Forbidden Westwhere we continue the story of discovering the mysteries of this unconventional post-apocalyptic world.

A story book will also be added to it Mine, where we will experience the end of summer camp with young instructors. It turned out that the forest here hid a far greater danger than wild beasts. If that’s not horror enough for you, you can enter Resident Evil VII, which started a new era for this legendary series. For fans of the larger show, this is a great candidate for hours of entertainment Border 3.

Action from a third-person perspective will complement the above OutridersAnime RPGs Red Nexusa classic act Tekken 7flight Ace Combat 7: Sky Unknownarcades Earth Defense Force 5Action RPG OninakiAnother RPG Lost BallJapanese RPGs I’m Setsun and story books that play with time manipulation Forgotten City.

Also, subscribers of the Premium variant can expect the addition of a retro library. You will find news there The Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms 2, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and the remake of Destroy All Humans.

Games Festival

In addition to the addition of the game library, the launch of a new festival for all PS Plus subscribers was also announced. During these events, you can participate in various tournaments, collect digital items or buy something at discounted events Double Discountwhere the discount for the customer is doubled.


Another novelty associated with the festival is trial version of God of War Ragnarok. Customers can try the first 3 hours. There will be one more this weekend Free weekend, so that everyone can play online even without a subscription. It will be open to everyone i.e in-game tournaments such as FIFA 23, NBA 2K23 or Guilty Gear Strive. The festival will last until February 24.

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