Four people died in a fire in Ústí, including two children

The incident was reported to the fire department at 07.50. Four units left for a location near Marxova Street.

“It was a fire in a larger garden structure, which was affected overall. We got the fire under control around 9:40am, after which four people were found inside with no signs of life,” fire department spokesman Petr Pelikus told Práv, added that the fire was being put out and an investigation was underway.

According to preliminary information, three people did not survive the tragedy. It was later revealed that a fourth body had been found at the location.

The fire completely engulfed the garden structure

According to police spokeswoman Veronika Hyšplerová, the case has been taken over by regional criminal investigators who are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The medical examiner arrived in Předlice in the afternoon, the police also deployed dog handlers with specially trained dogs to look for the chemical that promotes the arson.

The cottage is located near a multi-storey development in an exempt location on the outskirts of the regional capital. According to local residents who witnessed the intervention of firefighters, a woman had been living there for a long time.

“But relatives from Děčín came to see her. One woman is said to have managed to escape, the other did not,” a resident of the district told Práv.

Tragic fire in Předlice in Ústí

A police spokesperson said that detectives would not release anything regarding the identity of the deceased.

Police in Pilsen are investigating the death of a man who was burned to death in a tent

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