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Vegard Erlien went first in the penalty shootout. In front of the Start crowd, the Tromsø players scored easily.

Nearing, several snowballs were thrown at Erlien, one of which landed just a meter in front of the Tromsø player, more or less at the time of the shot.

Then referee Sivert Øksnes Amland stepped into action and ordered that the remaining penalties be taken in front of the other short side, where Tromsø’s fans had gathered.

Former Starter and TV 2 football pundit Jesper Mathisen shakes his head as he throws a snowball.

– Who threw these snowballs? After all, we learned in school that it’s not allowed! Luckily spring is coming soon and no more silly snowballs, he wrote on Twitter.

After all nine of the first nine penalties had been scored, Henrik Robstad of Start missed the tenth. So it’s Tromsø that’s growing.

TO THE QUARTER FINALS: Tromsø meets Lillestrøm in the quarter finals.

Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder/NTB

Issued after “complete head fog”: – What a fool

Scores from Emil Grønn Pedersen from Start and Vegard Erlien from Tromsø made it 1-1 after 90 minutes.

In snowy weather at Kristiansand, the match took an unexpected turn five minutes into first extra time. After a difficult duel, Start striker Alagie Sanyang is partly under Tromsø veteran Ruben Yttergård Jenssen.

After breaking free, Sanyang kicked Jenssen’s leg.

– It’s a complete fog of the head, said football pundit Aleksander Schau on the NRK cup broadcast.

– Could it be that we have seen the reddest card of the season? What a fool, he continued.

Sanyang was pushed by the away team after a kick and fell to the ground. He himself received a red card, while Jenssen and Jostein Gundersen received yellow cards.

– I think he wanted to, but then he blocked the kick. But then he still completed the kick, said football pundit Carl-Erik Torp.

– It’s not a hard kick, but a crystal clear red card. It was more of a kick symbol than pain as Ruben Yttergård Jenssen thinks, continued Torp.

See the situation here:

Experts scared by Odd play: – Disgusting to watch

Alexander Ruud Tveter sent Sandefjord ahead after just four minutes of play and after two goals from Jakob Dunsby and a goal from Danilo Al-Saed the game was nearly decided after 26 minutes.

– It’s a complete massacre, said Aleksander Schau.

– It’s strange to see how little effort there is in the team. If I’m happy with the team, I might consider another channel, adds Carl-Erik Torp.

Odd struggled defensively on his own, while Sandefjord emerged with dangerous backroom play time and time again.

NRK football expert Andrine Hegerberg was amazed by the body language of the Odd players.

– Instead of taking action, there is even more carelessness, says Hegerberg.

As Sandefjord closed to 5-0 minutes later, he was nearly sent off.

– Odd’s defensive play now is actually a bit annoying. No, Weird, it’s kinda disgusting to look at now. That they couldn’t change it even after playing for 40 minutes surprised me a bit. “Having to defend and keep the straight, it shouldn’t be that difficult, even at the start of the season,” said Hegerberg.

Weird veteran: – Not with when it started

Centre-back Odd Steffen Hagen, who was substituted after just over half an hour, made it clear during the break that the team’s form was not good enough.

– We weren’t there when it started. Now we have a big job ahead of us, he said during the break.

When asked why the defense was not cohesive enough, he replied:

– Hard to say. At least it didn’t work.

Soccer men NM: Sandefjord - Odd

OPEN AT BACK: Odd struggled a lot with his defensive game.

Photo: Trond R. Teigen/NTB

Two-goal scorer Jakob Dunsby is naturally in a better mood and says they hit really well with high pressure.

– We know that they often escape in the back room, so we were told to stay in the back. We plan to continue in the second half. It worked out well, he said calmly.

Oddly reduced the lead in the second half, but the progress to Sandefjord was never threatened. At 4–1, they set up for the quarter-finals.

Lehne Olsen decided for Tromsø

In the final 17.00 match, Lillestrøm started on a dream trip to Sogndal, where former Sogndal player Akor Adams scored after just 73 seconds.

Daniel Arrocha equalized after half an hour, but 20 minutes from the end Thomas Lehne Olsen put Lillestrøm back in front. It was also the final result and thus Lillestrøm was also up for the quarter-finals.

The cup round concludes with a match between Vikings and Rosenborg, which starts at 20.15:

Earlier on Sunday, several matches were played in the fourth round of the cup. Brann won 3–1 at home against Haugesund, while Molde and Stabæk progressed well after losing 3–1 away to Skeid and 5–0 at home to Bryne.

Last week, Bodø/Glimt got off to a flying start in the fourth round of the cup with a 4-0 away win over Ranheim.


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