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How to get a pension in the health care system? The Ministry of Health proposed that people could pay more for the drink if they needed it. the hospital editor at Hranice, Eduard Sohlich, however, saw no golden light in the so-called above standards.

Surely you have noted the proposal of Minister of Health Vlastimil Vlek, who wants to introduce so-called higher standards into the game, possibly paying for quality fuel in some cases. Clem will secure retirement in the health care system. What do you think?
If super standards are introduced, it will only affect a few measures, they will never have such a large volume that it will be reflected in shifting pensions for hospitals. And that’s not a realistic idea, because it would lead to a two-track healthcare system. It’s impossible, it’s possible, but it’s immoral that one group of the population is influenced by better methods than another group. This would be a blow to the principle of health solidarity, at least in central Europe, let alone the Anglo-Saxon countries.

It would be nice to make the system more transparent, so that the hunter knows what his monthly income is, how much he puts into it, so that he is forced to pay the same amount that he uses to pay for utilities in the house. .

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