From slopes straight to swimsuits. The Slovenian hot springs offer relaxing cocktails

Hot springs are located in Slovenia to spread like a racket. You can find them at the foot of mountains, within reach of vineyards and around moe. The good thing about them is that they can be visited even in the colder months. And it won’t get cold inside, even when the temperature outside rises to freezing. In Slovenia you can find 87 hot springs, the temperature of which ranges from 32 to 73 C.

The hot springs there were built by the ancient people who were the first to build baths in Slovenia. During this time, of course, a lot has changed, and the daybed is a modern complex suitable for all generations. You can also find links to history here. Especially for the little ones, they are waiting for various adventures in the old days, India, cruel pirates and many more.

In winter, take a shower

The main message of the Slovenian people has always been health. His messenger and reply. They boast of living water, brine and salt mud from salt pots, prodant plants and other sources of life used in the baths for various procedures. As a bonus, which is guaranteed to help, there are good sales and lots of opportunities for an active life. And what are we going to talk about, the mountains or the climate of Moscow um zzraky.

Slovenia can be visited even in the colder months. It won’t be cold inside, even when the temperature outside rises to freezing

You can choose Slovenia for holidays all year round according to the region and according to the needs of your body and mind. You can combine their visit with hiking, winter sports, wine tasting and walks along the river. Or depending on the km you drive.

If you have kids, we have some tips for you that can be visited even in winter. They are under the same roof.

On the tropical and surf riviera

The most visited spa in Slovenia is Terme ate. Located at the confluence of the Sva and Krka rivers, a stone’s throw from the Croatian border. Their history stretches back to the 18th century. m not only your score, it is the largest swimming pool area in the country. The pool water area is spread over 10,000 square meters and includes outdoor and indoor swimming pools with a magnificent glass roof.

You don’t have to go to Terme to do your laundry, even if it’s freezing outside. The winter tropical Riviera keeps you warm (the water in the pool is 3233 C) and fun: You’ll find plenty of water attractions here, from adrenaline slides with wild oak trees to wave pools that will remind you of swimming in the ocean. You can surf, go to a tropical beach, and with the smallest number of entries, ride a pirate boat in the middle of one of the pools. Relatives and great-grandfathers went to the festival. The sauna there can occupy 1,500 square meters unusable.

Dog bath or cinema?

About an hour’s drive north of Terme, you’ll find one of Lage’s gems, Terme Olimia, a lake nestled in a landscape of forests and vineyards. Their site called Termalija is a haven for families with children full of adventures. Climb walls and stand over pools, calm and adrenaline-filled water slides or water cannons for real water battles. This is just an example of what liars can try.

Terme Olimia has something for everyone. Here, you can enjoy well-deserved relaxation, and the kids will join you all day long, too. The resort called Termalija is a paradise for families with children who are full of various adventures

The 7D cinema, Oliland’s colorful playroom, sand and balloons, or the dog pool, where kids can build castles and bobbleheads all day long, are just steps away. Adults can then relax in the mass pools, slow-flowing water, hot tubs, and tepidariums, or visit Kneipp’s bar.

ern water as a substitute for oil

Toplice Moravsk. We don’t distort anything on its behalf, this is not Teplice, and we are definitely not in the Czech Republic. Terme 3000 in Moravské Toplice, with 30 indoor and outdoor pools, is a relatively young spa, discovered and founded only in the 1950s and discovered by accident. During a well test looking for oil, there was no oil, but rather hot water, gushing out from a depth of 1.5 kilometers. And not just any. M and 72 C and healthy.

Today you will find Terme 3000 there, one of the largest water parks in Slovenia, full of fun and relaxation all year round. Coming out of the bath was black water. It is a dark mineral hot water that has a bright colored ink. Children will certainly be interested, but the sleds and pools of all shapes and sizes attract more attention. Arel Terme 3000 m has two floors, the upper floor is designed for relaxation in the sauna world.

Beer bath in beer city

And what about the liars, who were in the middle of the 19th century in Franz I.’s summer camp? Knit yourself and your family like royalty in Thermana Lako. You probably know the name by heart, at least if you like beer. In the village of Lako, these are not only thermal baths, but also the largest brewery in Slovenia, after which the village is proudly named. You can also buy Lako beer throughout Slovenia.

If you drink sp from a hot shower, you won’t regret it. A 2,000 square meter water world is hidden here under an impressive dome, where you’ll find wave pools and wild oaks. While the kids have fun in the free park, parents relax in the recreational pools and hydromassage with waterfalls, in the vivka or in the Kneipp corner. There is also a beer garden and health honey at the spa.

Slovenian prodn lzn

Slovenia combines the elements of hot water, salt mud and clay. Moreover, they can thrive in mountainous and mountainous climates. These productive resources then form the composition of Slovenia’s 13 lakes.

Toplice Terme 3000 Moravske

Lzn Radenci

Ptuj hot springs

Rogera Health Center

Olimia hot springs

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Dobrna hot springs

Thermana varnish

Hot shower

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Thalasso Strunjan

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