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To illustrate, what it would mean for Glimt if they succeeded against Dinamo Zagreb:

Sweden’s Malmö, by comparison, earned around NOK 327 million following their participation in the group stage of last season’s Champions League, according to Fotbollskanalen.

And that’s despite the fact that there is only one point for Sweden in six games.

He said little about the prize money in the pot if Glimt secures a ticket to the world’s best club tournament.

When you also include the financial gains that Norway has had after the European success they had in the Serie A, it goes without saying that the reigning league champions are starting to have an economy that few can match at the Eliteserien.

Full discord in Football-Norway

There are differing opinions as to whether Glimt’s participation in the Champions League will be good for Norwegian football.

The NRK rounds that have been carried out in the biggest Glimt rivals in the Eliteserien show itself club For the most part, Glimt hopes to succeed, while supporters mostly, hope Glimt will succeed.

In front of NRK, Kjetil Knutsen answered the following when asked if he thought it was good for Norwegian football in general if his team qualified for the Champions League:

– That’s a good question. If there is a difference of opinion about it, I don’t think they understand the importance of a Norwegian team participating in Europe and that we are actually developing Norwegian football together. There is a fairly simple answer to that. “Those who consider it a negative thing for Norwegian football, I think they need to think again and maybe understand what it means for a Norwegian team to participate in Europe,” Knutsen told NRK.

Would it be good for Norwegian football if Glimt qualified for the Champions League now?

Of course, we wish Glimt success

Eirik Bjørn, general manager at Vikings, is on the same wavelength as coach Glimt. He crossed his fingers for Norway’s progress on Wednesday night.

Of course, we wish Bodø/Glimt to qualify for the Champions League. This is great for Norwegian football because we have a team that goes into the group stage, and getting a team into the world’s best club tournament will mean a lot to our league rankings and at least the reputation of Norwegian football, Bjørnø confirmed to NRK.

He believes one of the main arguments is that en a higher league ranking will mean more places in European tournaments for the Norwegian team in the coming season.

– En days may we who benefit from their success. The value of players sold from Norway will probably also increase with Norway’s participation in the Champions League, so here’s a lot of synergies that it’s hoped Bod will benefit from, believes Bjørn.

Viking leader Eirik Bjørn.

Photo: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB

– We have to stop being naive

He did not get the support of his own supporters.

Roar kerlund, leader of the Viking horde, certainly didn’t support Glimt on Wednesday night.

– We must stop with the naivety that collective success benefits Norwegian football. Norwegian football needs people in the stands, to talk about during lunch breaks and to have kits from the Norwegian team that the kids wear on the school grounds. You get this by creating a sense of belonging, loyalty, and interest. Not by cheering each other on, the kerlund begins.

– Does anyone in Norway think that Brighton fans cheer for Manchester City in Europe because it’s positive for English football that City are successful? Norwegian football doesn’t get better by cheering each other on, it becomes less attractive and creates less competition, he believes.

Viking supporters are not alone in wishing Glimt a break in Wednesday’s ill-fated game.

Kanari-Fansen, Klanen, Godsetunionen and Kjernen also answered the same thing (see fact box).

But Eirik Bjørn at Vikings had the backing of the club manager at another elite series club.

– Wehappy that the Norwegian club is performing well

Erik Espeseth, general manager of Vålerenga, agrees with his colleague from Stavanger that it would be good for Norwegian football if Glimt qualified for the Champions League group stage.

For the Norwegian football club, it is important that the national team perform well and participate in the championship, including the very positive fact that the under-21 national team has once again qualified for the EC play-offs next year. In addition, it is important for the Norwegian club to perform well in Europe, as this will make future qualification easier – of which Vålerenga aims to be a part. It will also open up the possibility for more teams to participate in the qualifiers, the VIF boss said.

Erik Espeseth

Erik Espeseth at Vlerenga.

Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB

Ole Erik Stavrum, general manager at Molde, and general manager of Lillestrem Robert Lauritsen, answered almost the same:

We hope all teams qualify for the group stage in Europe. This is important and positive for Norwegian football, Stavrum wrote in an email to NRK.

I hope more teams in Norway qualify for various UEFA play-offs, this is good for Norwegian football, agrees LSK-Lauritsen.

Exemplary club management

Magne Jordan Nilsen, general manager of Strømsgodset, believes Glimt’s success will create added value and help make Eliteserien more attractive.

It has also resulted in increased revenue for the club through a solidarity fund from UEFA, Jordan Nilsen pointed out to NRK.

He said Godset was inspired by what Glimt did.

It demonstrates what is possible with hard and purposeful work, as well as the ability and knowledge to make good choices and stick to a clear strategy over time. The exemplary management of the club in which they are now being rewarded, said manager Godset.

RBK with a diffuse response

Tore Bjørseth Berdal, acting general manager at Rosenborg, would not answer whether he backed Glimt in Wednesday’s game.

But he credits Aspmyra’s competitors if they get it right:

– Glimt have done a fantastic job getting to where they are now. And they do so with sporting achievements – on their own – without significant contributions from wealthy investors. If they make it through, we can only congratulate them on a fantastic achievement. “Then we at Rosenborg have to make sure we perform well enough to get a similar opportunity in the near future,” Berdal told NRK.

The match between Dinamo Zagreb and Bodø/Glimt starts on Wednesday’s match at 21:00. It is broadcast on TV 2 or can be followed on the radio on NRK Sport.

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