Gaël Monfils after his win against world number 1 Daniil Medvedev at Indian Wells: “I’m still in preparation! »

“Where do you put this win against Daniil Medvedev in your career?
It’s hard to say. It’s a great win against one of the best players in the world. I feel good. I’m good tactically. I have a lot of confidence. I’m just happy to win.

What is the turning point of the match in your opinion?
For me, the real turning point was the first break in the third set. Behind, I feel the change. He’s a little out of his mind, he complained. He broke his racket, he was a little annoyed with his forehand. Inevitably, when you have this information, you try to suppress it. I made him play more balls on his forehand, of course. Then the second station wagon arrived very quickly.

“. I’m here for him, for his family.”

Gaël Monfils, about his wife from Ukraine, Elina Svitolina

Your partner, Elina Svitolina, is in the stands. His country is at war. How did you deal with the situation?
It’s not easy to see my in-laws suffer. It’s hard to see my wife cry every night. I was there for him, for his family. Most of his family is still there. It’s pretty crazy when you think about it. We try to manage it as best we can. I tried to wear it. I will do anything for them. I’m not very into politics. I am my wife’s support, a shoulder she can lean on. I tried to support him in his choice. We are here to play. No politics, a husband who supports his wife.

In recent years, matches against the best players in the world have tended to elude you, most recently against Matteo Berrettini at the Australian Open. What changed?
I have a good game. I managed to defend my tactical plan from start to finish. It’s ridiculous, but I have the impression that it smiles at me a little more. People want to hear something rational. It smiled at me at key moments. I went there, I was rewarded a little. He gets frustrated. He went really fast, he gave me a second break really fast.

“I covered my ground well. I made the rhythm change at the right time to try to destabilize it. I lowered my serve speed to be more precise”

What is this tactical plan?
I cover my ground well. I made the rhythm change at the right time to try to destabilize it. I lowered my serve speed to be more precise. Give him more deadballs as he spins in wedges. Small chips. Let him play, let him be creative from time to time. I feel like running. At one point, I wanted to make too much. In the first set, I still made 20 mistakes, I believe (he made 13). He’s calm, you’ve made three mistakes. When I missed three match points (at 5-1, 0-40)I will still go.

You also tried and succeeded two underhand serves…
He’s really far away (on return). It’s stupid, but it’s tactical! He’s far away, we just had a rally, I’m trying it. It’s like a bearing. And on the set ball, I touched it a little less well, but I gave it a lot of effect. We also just made a long point, he pushed himself a bit.

At the start of the tournament, you said that you were preparing for Miami and clay. What are you talking about now?
Always in preparation! richard (Ruckelshausen) and Gunter (Bresnik, the coach), they do not give up! I will play my cards thoroughly here. Win game after match. Tomorrow (Tuesday), I will continue to do well: forehand, backhand, zone, physical training, strengthening and maintenance. »

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