Germany bugs soldiers suspected of carrying out the Buč . massacre

The wiretapping records completely refute Russia’s allegations of staging footage of dead civilians. The radio was supposed to talk about the dead found along the main road. One soldier had to tell the others that he and his comrades shot down someone from a bicycle. An image of a corpse circling the world.

A dog near the corpse of a cyclist in Buč

Photo: Stringer, Reuters

Details were not released because the wiretapping was carried out in secret.

The material also allegedly proves that mercenaries in the Russian army, such as the Vagner group, played a key role in atrocities against civilians. It has attracted attention during its deployment in Syria for its extraordinary cruelty.

Eyewitnesses have recently stated that “young soldiers” were deployed in the city at the start of the occupation of Buče. When replaced by other troops, attacks on civilians spiraled out of control. Several eyewitnesses reported that Chechen troops were operating in the area. Is that a tactic? weekly ask.

German secret service records show that it was no coincidence or the act of individual soldiers escaping compliance. Instead, the material shows that the soldiers spoke of atrocities committed as part of their daily activities in the occupied territories.

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Buča gives yet another grisly testimony of the massacre of civilians

Video: Reuters

This suggests that the killing of civilians has become part of the ordinary course of action of the Russian army, perhaps part of an obvious strategy, writes the weekly Der Spiegel. According to him, it is about spreading fear and terror among the civilian population and eliminating resistance.

The secret service notified parliament of its findings on Wednesday, the weekly wrote. At the same time, other sound recordings are being examined, but precise localization is difficult. This is said to be footage showing events both in Buče and elsewhere in Ukraine. Apparently, there are signs of similar action around the besieged city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, which was largely destroyed by Russian bombing.

When the Russian army left the city of Buča after a month of occupation, not only did mass graves with slain civilians appear, but many bodies were also lying on the streets and along the roads. Some of the victims were tied behind their backs. Dead people don’t wear uniforms. They were civilians on bicycles, some still holding shopping bags in their stiff hands. In the basement of one house, 18 bodies of men, women and children were found and mutilated.

Moscow denies that the Russian army is responsible for the massacre of civilians. He claimed that the photos were a hoax. But that was refuted.

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