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What an interesting final of the Katowice-Chorzów derby. GKS Katowice played one of the best matches of the season and thanks to Dominik Kościelniak’s stoppage-time goal, they beat “Niebieski”, who are now depending on Wisła Kraków for the top flight.

The matter of direct promotion to the top league after the GKS Katowice – Ruch dla “Niebieskich” match gets a little complicated

GieKSa played in the derby in a suit tailored to the style in which he won the Polish Cup 30 years ago, winning the final at the Silesia Stadium with Ruch. Before the first whistle, the heroes of that time took to the pitch, and today’s derby was symbolically started by Piotr Świerczewski and Marian Janoszka. The people of Katowice rose to the occasion and presented themselves in a way worthy of the slogan “Same as in old times”, with which they promoted this hit. They played one of the best games of the season and at least got some face back after a very unsuccessful round. The moment of joy after Dominik Kościelniak’s winning goal has not been experienced by the GKS community for a long time. Granted, the team is no longer playing for promotion or play-offs, but the satisfaction of standing in the way of a neighbor, a great rival, complicating its path to the top league must be great,

After the first half, the hosts had regrets because they only won 1-0. Chorzów’s players were tense, most of the starting eleven had at least one individual fault which was visible to the naked eye. The only goals before the interval came after a loss to Tomasz Wójtowicz, a fine cross from Oskar Repka, a cross from Grzegorz Rogala and a cool finish from Sebastian Bergier.

Ruch came off with three substitutions in the second half and finally started to threaten the hosts a bit. Their goal was guarded by Patryk Szczuka, who only played his third game in the first league, replacing Dawid Kudła, who had a problem with his back. Szczuka waited a long time to be checked out by co-leaders, but when it did – center Łukasz Moneta, head Daniel Szczepan – he presented himself to the fans in phenomenal fashion. A moment later – it was the 74th minute – and he was helpless, however, after Tomasz Foszmańczyk’s pass between Arkadiusz Jędrych and Bartosz Jaroszek, Daniela Szczepan dashed in and clipped Szczuka, and behind the line Michał Kołodziejski tried to kick the ball but to no avail.

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After the equalizing goal, the match turned red even more, as GieKSa was only interested in winning. Dominik Kościelniak shot into the sidelines, Marcin Wasielewski’s center shot, which was outstanding on the day, landed on the crossbar. Then came the second minute of stoppage time… Adrian’s mistake cross, Kościelniak closed it at the “long” post.

Bukowa flew in, and Ruch had to wait nervously for Sunday and a possible trip between Wisła and Zagłębie. Or will the “White Star” stumble a week in Łęczna, provided he beats GKS Tychy himself in Gliwice. The “Blues” reached the top league with great difficulty. Usually those enjoying extra time, now the tables are being turned.

It should be stressed that despite some derby “politeness”, the game with nearly 6,000 spectators and over 400 Ruch in a fanatical cage went very smoothly, with no breaks. The fans also passed the test and only had to watch their second home win in this round.

GKS Katowice – Ruch Chorzow 2:1 (1:0)

1:0 – Bergier, 31 minutes, 1:1 – Stephen, 74 minutes, 2:1– Koscielniak, 90+2 min

GKS: Szczuka – Jaroszek (88. Urynowicz), Jędrych, Kołodziejski (84. Janiszewski) – Wasielewski, Repka, Kozubal, Rogala (46. Wojciechowski) – Arak (72. Roginić), Error – Bergier (72. Kościelniak). Coach Rafal GÓRAK.

MOVEMENT: Bielecki – Michalski, Baranowski (68th Pląskowski), Szywacz, Sadlok – Wojtowicz (81st Catholic), Sedlak (46th Witek), Friday (46th Foszmanczyk), Sikora, Feliks (46th Moneta) – Szczepan. Coach Jaroslaw SKROBACZ.

he judged Leszek Lewandowski (Zabrze). viewers 5988. Yellow card: Rogala, Kozubal.

In the photo: GKS Katowice, after a great game, complicates life for the citizens of Chorzów.

Photo. Marcin Bulanda/Focus of the Press

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