Gloss: The 30 year old Czech lion entertains, but also asks a few questions

This thirtieth year award ceremony of the Czech Film and Television Academy (ČFTA) Czech Lion was among its better years in that regard. Jiří Havelka as the main moderator is short and funny; the idea of ​​inviting presenters from previous years as presenters also worked well. They also mostly have a spark, they are widely known and popular personalities who, with the exception of Martin Zbrožek, do not present themselves, but concentrate on award-winning creators.

The atmosphere was more relaxed than usual, and Czech Television even confirmed that the favorite Czech Lion for acting appearances in the lead role, Michal Kern, became better known to film and television viewers by guesting on Všechnopárty in the evening. before.

The credit for outstanding contributions to Czech cinematography goes a long way to dramaturg Marcela Pittermannová and cinematographer and distributor Jan Jíra. This profession receives extraordinary awards. The award for outstanding achievements in the audiovisual field for customers who gave money for the digitization of the domestic cinema gold fund sounds just as good.

However, question marks for ČFTA are starting to hover over the expansion of awards for television works, which, without its own ceremony, are receiving increasing attention from the previous annex. While the importance of television and streaming platforms has undoubtedly increased, the evenings are disproportionately long (almost three hours this year) and also – with all due respect (!) to Klára Melíšková’s performance in Suspicion – there is talk of comparing the acting work in the series to the performances in one film a bit problematic.

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