Go to the office or you’re out, Musk told Twitter employees

Twitter has been in the possession of Elon Musk for almost two weeks, but during this time the American billionaire managed to show that he is not too concerned about the continuation of the social network’s corporate culture. He fired half the staff, including those in top management roles, and attached an eight-dollar subscription to a blue whistle showing verified accounts (which trolls were already using to spread lies). Additionally, on Thursday, Musk ordered employees to return to their offices immediately from their remote workplaces, saying that if they did not show up, he would accept their resignations.

“I’m sorry this is the first email for the entire company, but it’s impossiblestarted the text that Elon Musk wrote to Twitter employees on Wednesday night to prepare them for “tough times”, such as States server A platformerwho has his message available.

In a meeting with all Twitter employees on Thursday, Musk also said he could not predict revenue developments so far this year. He even added that he couldn’t rule out bankruptcy. In order for the company to avoid it, the new owners expect employees to spend at least forty hours in the office per week. That is, except for an exception, which the American billionaire would personally agree to, of course.

The new rules will take effect immediately. When asked what employees should do if it’s not possible for them to be in the office any time soon, Musk he replied simply: “If you don’t show up, I will accept your resignation.”

For Twitter employees, it’s a 180-degree turn in this regard. In 2020, for most of them, the network’s founder, Jack Dorsey allowed work remotely only. The company even gave them a thousand dollars (approximately 24 thousand crowns) to equip their headquarters. The only exception is certain workers, such as server administrators, whose presence in the server room is critical.

Besides returning to the office, Musk found one more recipe for avoiding disaster. “Without significant revenue from subscribers, there is a high chance Twitter will not survive the coming economic downturn. That’s why we need customers to make up about half of our profits,” Musk explained in the email. According to Musk, the company is losing four million dollars a day and its revenue has fallen dramatically due to pressure from activists on advertisers not to advertise on the platform.

In another message that Twitter’s new owner sent to his underlings, he summarized in one sentence what they should focus on now in the next few days. “The absolute priority now is to find and remove any bot, troll or spam with a verified status,” he wrote Musk.

After taking control of the network, Musk launched an eight-dollar subscription system that, among other things, would show users a blue whistle icon on their account to indicate a verified profile. The ability to pay only for verified accounts raised fears that Twitter would be flooded with fake accounts, which some reports say is already happening.

servers Insiders show, that there are accounts pretending to be former British Prime Minister Tony Blair or former American President George Bush Jr., who are said to miss killing Iraqis. In fact, none of these politicians have personal Twitter accounts. However, by clicking on the blue whistle, you can see if the account is verified because it is fundamentally relevant, or if the user only subscribed to verification.

According to Musk, the large number of fake accounts spreading fake news was one of the reasons why he wanted to buy Twitter. He wanted to reduce their numbers significantly. In the business and legal wrangling in the months leading up to the purchase itself, Musk used reports that more or less proved that there is such an account on the network more than Twitter itself admits, and therefore looking to claim a discount from the $44 billion deal. He ended up paying the original amount.

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