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Underground! Such an unusual journey will surely cheer up both the children and you. For example, you can see mines where silver or coal is mined, or you can explore mysterious underground labyrinths.

For silver to Kutná Hora

History Kutne Hory closely associated with the silver mining and minting of the Prague groschen. The silver rush attracted thousands of people here, and the former settlement later became a wealthy royal city. In the medieval mine, which belongs to the Czech Silver Museum, you can go deep underground. You put on a real miner’s suit with a hood and helmet, take a flashlight in your hand and follow the trail of the miners.

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You will walk through narrow corridors and get to know the whole process that silver ore has to go through to turn it into beautifully sparkling coins. The route from the original section of the medieval mine is approximately 250 meters long and is followed by an exposition on the processing of silver ore and currency.

Experience the life of a miner

If you want to see the mines, the city of Most is the right choice. Podkrošnohorské technical museum can be found in the area of ​​the former deep sea lignite mine Julius III. Visitors are guided by former employees here, so you can look forward to some real inside information and lots of interesting stories and facts.

Outside you will find many giant machines that you can climb up, you can try all the levers and buttons. And then you can look into the locker room, showers, light housing, engine room, and a faithful replica of a mineshaft. You will hear the engine running and exploding while digging a new shaft.

At the end of the tour, you’ll ride a mine cart that’s actually suspended on an artificial shaft. And at the end of the tour, you will be treated to a short description of the rescuers who must be on full alert at each mine. The tour lasts almost 2 hours, but you definitely won’t be bored. Not only because of its length, but also because of the noise during demonstrations, we recommend the Podkrušnohorská Technical Museum for school-age children.

The former mine is now an amusement park

Conversely, you can also go to South Moravia with kindergarten children Permonium amusement park. The former Kukla mine has been converted into a children’s entertainment venue and blends the experience with the history and technology of black coal mining. Kids will be delighted with the Czech Republic’s largest above-ground maze, modeled after mine corridors.

They will cross the mine lake on a raft and there is also a volcano, jungle, old mining workshop and a real tunnel full of fun activities waiting for them. For an additional fee, you can also head up the ropes course.

Adjacent is intended for children under 3 years Rainbow world, where they will enjoy climbing frames, water games and elements to develop dexterity and imagination. The children are guided through the garden with the story of Permína’s rainbow fairy. They can look forward to, for example, a magic lake, a mysterious room or a cable car.

Explore the underground labyrinth in Mirakul

You know The magic at Milovice? And did you know that apart from climbing high above the ground, waterslides, water worlds and children’s playgrounds, you can also enter complex underground passages here? You can go down there not only by stairs, but you can also go down the sleigh from the climbing castle.

Pack a flashlight, you will need it. The corridor was completely dark. If you can’t find it at home, you can buy it at Mirakul. Older kids will explore and run wild on their own, but be sure to go underground with the younger ones. After all, that’s what we like about Mirakula, here parents don’t just observe their children from the bench, but can be involved in everything. Even rope bridges and climbing frames are accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

Travel to places where roses turn to stone

Visit Karlovy Vary it doesn’t have to be just about walking through the colonnade with wafer in hand. Discover the underground world too. Just buy a ticket at the Hot Spring Colonnade and after a short introduction you will find yourself underground the warmest spring in Czech Vřídlo.

As much as 2,000 liters of mineral water spurts out of the spring every minute. Each liter contains more than 6 grams of dissolved minerals. And this is used in the process of “petrification” souvenirs. Here at Vřídelní underground colonnade the famous Karlovy Vary stone rose was created.

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