Golfer Kousková is honing his form for the famous tournament, helping Ukraine do it

Czech amateur golfer Sara Kousková faces a major event at the turn of March and April. He will take part in a prestigious tournament in Augusta, USA, which could be a ticket to a golf course. This year, the Czech and world rankings are rolling and breaking the green. He even decided to help Ukraine, which had been facing a Russian invasion for nearly three weeks.

Twenty-two year old golfer Sára Kousková is one of the biggest talents in Czech golf. She proved her extraordinary qualities earlier this year, when thanks to her outstanding performances, she received an invitation to the prestigious Augusta Women’s National Amateur tournament, which will take place between March and April.

Moreover, he has already proven that he can do well on the legendary courts of the most famous amateur companies, where he will be the first Czech to start. Thanks to a good start to the new season, he jumped to the 4th position in the NCAA rankings. It measures all golfers working at US universities. In the world rankings, the Czech Republic takes 26th place, which is the best result of Czech career and history.

At the same time, he missed out on results from the December qualifying school, which would have catapulted him into the top ten due to administrative difficulties. But now the native Karlovy Vary thought mainly of Augustus, where he had recently visited and trained.

“From a sporting and academic point of view, everything is working as it should. Maybe even better than I expected before the season. he said in a press release how he felt in the famous land.

Despite his personal joy, he also remembers Ukraine, where he had been at war for nearly three weeks. “Who can rejoice to the fullest when what I could not have imagined in my worst nightmare happened in Ukraine. While it may seem that we are here in the US far from what is happening near the Czech border, it is not.” explained.

“We see the situation very intensely also because of the personal overlap that exists here. Both because of what our country has been through in history and also because of my classmates from other sports from Ukraine who have families there. I must say, that they was a big inspiration to me with their behavior.”

Due to the current situation in Europe, he therefore decided that he wanted to help himself. Therefore, he asked the tournament organizer in Augusta to auction off two free tickets meant for his loved ones. However, the management of the world-renowned company rejected the idea because of strict rules.

I“There are a lot of rules at Augusta, and one of them is that free tickets cannot be redistributed. Even to charity. We are a little sorry, but we fully respect their decision.” Kousková said understandingly.

But he soon found an alternative. “We don’t want to leave the relationship with Augusta. So we decided to auction off a souvenir I bought during my visit in February, which I originally wanted to make my friends happy. They will surely understand the reason that brought us. for this and I believe that they themselves will be interested in donating good things to their work,” she says.

At the same time, souvenirs from Augusta have a unique meaning for golf enthusiasts and enthusiasts. They cannot be purchased anywhere other than at the complex itself. Besides, it’s almost impossible to get there. Among the artifacts auctioned, for example, flags, hats or headgear. “We believe that we will be able to collect as much as possible for each item, which will then go directly to the affected families of our Ukrainian athletes at the University of Texas and to help children through the Unicef ​​children’s fund.” Kousková reveals where his help will go.

This is how Sára Kousková spoke after qualifying for the famous tournament in Augusta:


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