Government crisis in Sweden – Surprised experts:

Sweden has had four governments since the 2018 elections.

Less than 100 days before this year’s election, in the midst of the application process for NATO membership, there is yet another full-blown political drama at the Riksdag.

Prior to the weekend, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson threatened that the government would resign if Justice and Home Affairs Minister Morgan Johansson was involved in a no-confidence motion due to be held on Tuesday.

During Sunday’s party leader debate on TV4, the Prime Minister changed his tone – to the surprise of experts.

A number of now believe that the Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs will be pushed to surrender even before Tuesday’s vote.

APPLICANT: On May 17, it became clear that Sweden was applying for NATO membership. It remains for it to be true. Video: Dagbladet TV
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Professor: – Thank you very much

A no-confidence motion against Morgan Johansson was filed last week by the Swedish Democrats, who believe he did a poor job of fighting re-crime.

The proposal was supported by the Moderates, Christian Democrats and Liberals. The Center Party stands behind the Minister.

Days after he made it clear that the overwhelming majority of distrust of the Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs would lead to a government crisis, some experts believe the Prime Minister is now reconsidering whether the entire government is at stake.

This comes after Christian Democrat leader Ebba Busch, on live TV, promised not to file another no-confidence motion before the election, should Johansson resign.

Collapsed system

– I’ll think carefully about what Ebba Busch said. How should we best act in this situation? This of course meant I had to think about the offer, Anderson replied.

based on Express information, the offer must have reached the Prime Minister unexpectedly. His response was interpreted to mean he was open to removing his own minister – without resigning.

– That it doesn’t come any further, that they broadcast and talk about this, says something about the fact that there is a hard roof now. They don’t talk to each other, Mikael Gilljam, professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg, told the paper.

According to Magnus Blomgren, lecturer in political science at Ume University, neither side has benefited from the government crisis.

– I imagine the Prime Minister must do something. In that case, it was to ask him to leave, he said same newspaper.

Has consequences in the NATO process

One person can still protect Morgan Johansson’s post of minister: independent Swedish-Kurdish politician Amineh Kakabaveh.

Some people think that the government would make one last resort to pacify him.

In this case, it could have ramifications for negotiations with Turkey about Sweden’s NATO membership.

Kakabaveh had previously stated to Dagbladet that he feared Sweden would do everything to join the defense alliance, and thus they would bow to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s demands.

On Friday, the independent politician announced that he would make sure to oust the Ministry of Justice and the Interior, if the government did not promise that Sweden would maintain a ban on arms exports to Turkey and fail to root out some Kurdish groups.

As a result, he asked the government to say no to demands made by Turkey to allow Sweden into NATO.

based on SVT Political commentator Mats Knutson, the government may have to choose between support from Kakabaveh and Turkey.

– This already has consequences for NATO applications, but could also affect Sweden’s credibility in the ongoing negotiations within the NATO process, he said.

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