Gymnast (11) drept in Ukraine

Kateryna Dyachenkos’ coach, Anastasia Meshchanenkova confirmed that the 11 year old boy lost his life.

Security and a number of other media have also written about the death. They wrote that Dyachenko must have lost his life when a bombed building collapsed.

The Swiss Gymnastics Federation wrote that she was one of too many victims in the war.

– The beautiful young gymnast from Mariupol left this world too soon, writes the Swiss Gymnastics Association.

– It’s amazing. This extraordinary being had already become an angel. I cannot understand that we live in such a terrible and evil world, wrote Iliana Raeva, president of the Bulgarian Gymnastics Federation.

On Monday, Ukrainian authorities reported that about 90 percent of buildings in Mariupol had been damaged or destroyed. The following day it was revealed that more than 350,000 people had no access to food and water.

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