Had to remove the hormonal coil: – Trauma

Beki Reily (34) from London was left with life-threatening tears in her intestines and uterus after botched surgery in the summer of 2021.

Had he been a few years older or had an underlying health condition, he would not have survived.

He said this in an interview with the South Wales News Service (SWNS) news agency, quoted among others by the British morning paper. Daily mail.

Sore throat – severe pain

clamped together

Reily wants to have the IUD removed, but wakes up in the intensive care unit with her stomach clamped down.

Hormonal spiral is a long-term contraceptive that is placed in the uterine cavity, according to Norwegian Health Informatics (NHI).

Four attempts were made to remove the woman’s IUD using forceps, because the IUD strings were missing.

- Strangled from the inside

– Strangled from the inside

Have great pain

During her first appointment at the local health center Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust in England, staff tried three times to remove the IUD without success.

On her second visit, she received local anesthesia, but this time doctors were also unable to remove the spiral.

Reily agreed to the fifth attempt, but when she complained of severe pain, she stopped the procedure.

– The doctor just tried for a few minutes when I felt unbearable pain inside me. In a panic, I begged him to stop.

The 34-year-old woman stated that she had never felt pain like that before, and was very upset.

Can’t stand straight

Hours after the procedure, Reily was in so much pain she was unable to stand straight – and began vomiting uncontrollably, she claims.

Hence he was admitted to the hospital on July 9 when doctors thought he might have an infection.

The woman underwent surgery on July 12 to remove the IUD once and for all, but during the procedure doctors discovered that her uterus and intestines had perforated.

The IUD can be perforated, that is, it penetrates the uterine wall and exits into the pelvis, according to The Great Medical Encyclopedia (SML)

- I am surprised

– I am surprised

Undergoing emergency surgery

The 34-year-old had emergency surgery to repair the tear and spent eight days in hospital with limited mobility.

– I woke up in the intensive care unit with my whole stomach clamped. I have a tube coming out of my nose and stomach, he said and continued:

– I cried, because what should have been a routine removal of the hormonal coil ended up being an emergency operation. It traumatized me.

Washing machine exploded: - Could have killed him

Washing machine exploded: – Could have killed him


The local health center admitted her guilt and apologized for failing to use the forceps carefully, and as a result tearing her uterus and intestines.

One year after the incident, the woman also had to undergo surgery again to repair the umbilical hernia and muscle separation.

– I no longer have a navel. I look like an alien.

based on NHI Umbilical hernias can cause nausea and vomiting, and if an umbilical hernia develops into a trapped hernia, it requires surgery.

Riley is now afraid that what happened to him will affect his chances of starting a family in the future.

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