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In May last year, while celebrating her 40th birthday, Hana Mašlíková took part in the prestigious Mr. Universe, which she finished in the bikini fitness category and where she won a gold medal. However, it was preceded by several months of hard preparations, which were not without consequences.

“I have had stomach problems for more than half a year. The pain in the triangle is getting more frequent and stronger. That’s why the doctor sent me for a gastroscopy to find out the cause of the pain,” he confided in his fans. Instagram a few days ago, said that he had to undergo an examination, where the doctor inserted a tube into the digestive tract. Now he was clear about what was causing his problem.

“The cause has been determined, but I will keep the diagnosis private,” said the former pro model Extra. cz. “I am currently under treatment and should be fine,” he concluded on the topic of his health.

However, he revealed what caused his current condition. The drastic preparations he had to undergo before the competition was to blame. This includes a very restricted diet and intense daily training sessions.

“It’s definitely not a diet, but it may be caused by using strong kickers every day before training, everyone’s sensitivity is different. And also chewing three packs of gum a day to get rid of a sweet tooth. I just keep on chewing and don’t feed the digestive tract. The body expects food, so it already secretes stomach acid and digestive enzymes,” added Mašlíková.

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