Hauger stepped up the hunt for Formula 1: – I really had to push myself

On Friday, Hauger kicked off the season at the Sakhir track in Bahrain. There he mingled with Formula 1 stars such as Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. And that will be the F2 program every weekend.

The competition is coordinated with the elite and added to the same place.

Last year, Hauger superbly won the Formula 3 championship. For a long time there was whisper of his talent, but now there is a lot of talk about the chances of the Aurskog boys to do the “impossible” and become Norway’s first Formula 1 driver.

– It’s a very narrow eye of the needle, but I’m closer, Hauger told NTB.


He didn’t want to look too far ahead. This was a crucial moment, and that was when he had to be a real jerk.

– I have to take it one step at a time and get the most out of the season.

Dennis Hauger has been part of the Red Bull Academy since the fall of 2017, but is driving for Prema. He did the same last year.

The F2 calendar consists of 13 race weekends. It’s double what Hauger rides at level three, and he’s poised to transition to being big.

– There are several experienced racers above, and they will be strong. “I really had to push myself to be up there,” said the 19-year-old.

Press time

In 1990, Harald Huysman was very close to becoming a Formula 1 driver. He could see early on that Hauger had “something a little out of the ordinary”.

– The best holds the whole package. Likewise with Dennis, said Huysman to NTB.

Today he is Hauger’s manager. He believes 2024 is the natural goal to realize the F1 dream. It has the backing of Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbransen.

– For me, he is the best athlete in the world in his age group. I think there is a high possibility that opportunities will open up in two years. At the same time, I urge a little patience. We should not expect Dennis Hauger to win and dominate in his first year in Formula 2.

Gulbrandsen is also the sports manager with talent responsibility at the Norwegian Motorsport Association. He believed Hauger’s advance had come at the right time.

– Besides being very good, you also have to meet the time. There has to be a window there for you to have a chance. Now we are in a kind of generational change.

kilo run

If anyone has any doubts about how difficult Formula One life is, Hauger can clarify. Tension demands her husband.

– It’s not like driving an ordinary car. No help here, he explained.

– Brake pressure can be up to 180-190 kilos. The steering wheel gets very heavy, so you get oversteer where you have to correct, quickly becoming difficult if it continues throughout the race.

Hauger further said that it is common to lose between three and five kilos of fluid after a weekend race. The heat in the car contributes to that.

– You are driving in flame retardant underwear at over 30 degrees.

Here’s how the season starts in Formula 2 in Bahrain (Norwegian time in brackets):

* Friday: Practice round (10.35-12.20), qualifying (17.25-17.55)

* Saturday: Sprint race 23 laps for 5,412 km (17.40-18.25)

* Sunday: Main race 32 laps (11.40-12.40).

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