He lost his arm while fleeing, and now a nine-year-old Ukrainian is receiving support from all over the world

Sasha fled with her sister, mother and stepfather from the Ukrainian city of Hostomel, near Kiev, last week when their car was attacked by Russian troops.

The girl’s stepfather died on the spot and was hit in the arm by one of the bullets. However, the woman and her two daughters managed to escape from the place and hid in an adjoining basement, where they spent two days before daring to find the hospital.

“I don’t know why the Russians shot me. I hope it was an accident and they didn’t mean to hurt me,” said Sasha in a hospital bed before undergoing surgery.

“They hit me in the arm. I ran after my sister. My mother fell and I thought it was over. But she is fine, she was just hiding from the shooting. Then I lost consciousness and someone took me to the basement where I was being treated. . And then they transferred me to the hospital, ”the girl described the difficult times.

Doctors at Irpini Hospital later found gangrene nearby and decided to amputate his upper limbs. However, according to doctors, this procedure saved his life.

She is happy with the support

“The first thing Sasha said to me was, ‘Please be honest.’ Do I have my left arm or not?’ I don’t know what to say. Would you rather be silent, lie, or be honest. In the end, he thanked all of us for taking care of and saving our lives,” said the nurse who took care of Sasha.

The girl, who was later taken to a private clinic in Kiev, where she will undergo a second operation to help her recover, has meanwhile received support from around the world, according to the Daily Mail.

“Sasha is grateful for everyone’s support. She reads all the news and is very grateful to everyone, ”said her sister Ivanka.

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