He would save the realm peak

MONTREAL (Dagbladet): In early December, lawyer, dealer, and stone house builder Gaute Voigt-Hanssen, 48, landed in French-speaking Montreal. The goal is to negotiate a historic treaty for nature, in which all nations of the world pledge to protect, restore and preserve the world’s nature.

– I am an optimist, but everything depends on how far the parties are willing to go, Voigt-Hanssen told Dagbladet.

Waiting for politicians

We met him in the hotel lobby near the UN Nature Secretariat. It is 6:30 am Canadian time. So early in the morning, she’s not so easy to spot, because she fits perfectly on the sofa in the Christmas decorated hotel.

– Good morning, he smiled gently.

For almost two weeks, the Norwegian sat in meetings, lobbying and negotiating with delegates from around the world. There will be long days, preferably 15-16 hour sessions. As of 02.30 last night, an agreement had been reached on certain elements, he said.

– But when it comes to important political topics, there is little agreement, Voigt-Hanssen concludes.

The goal of the nature summit in Montreal is to establish binding agreements on how to protect, restore and use nature. A binding agreement, as is the Paris agreement for climate.

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