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In late 2020, Casey Hudson announced that he was (again) leaving BioWare. That must have been a huge blow to the studio, as he participated in games like MDK 2, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Anthem and especially Mass Effect, for which he co-wrote and led the entire development. But things may have to come to an end and well-known studios and developers have been working independently for over a year. However, Hudson is certainly not behind, he set up his own studio last June and now he’s giving him a glimpse of his new project. Humanoid Studios, as Hudson’s port is just called, is working on a new sci-fi project, which is looking for more employees, mostly in senior positions.

All news comes from updated website Humanoid Studio, which is complemented by the first workshop in addition to the advertisements mentioned. You can take a look in our gallery and soak up the atmosphere in which the game might take place. It should be noted that perhaps also under the expected Starfield influence, the trend of sci-fi games began to shift slightly towards retrofuturism, and especially the sights of spaceships or station halls seem like sci-fi fan ideas from the 1960s and 1970s. However, perhaps the most striking is the image of an astronaut standing in front of a huge skull with a crown that doesn’t deny the style of artist HR Giger and – yes – reminiscing something from Promethea. Of course, it’s just a form of style, and we’re assuming that Hudson is working on his own project, but we’re definitely seeing some displeasure in the pictures and who knows how dark the new project might actually be.

However, Humanoid Studios’ description of the vision suggests that this may not be a direct service issue, which we especially welcome in the case of Hudson and his legacy in the form of the Mass Effect trilogy. “The future of entertainment lies in interactivity. The most engaging entertainment includes worlds, characters and storytelling,” said the developers, emphasizing storytelling in particular. The upcoming game further confirmed that it would be a multiplatform AAA game focused on a a story that will have the opportunity to be influenced by the protagonist. Everything will take place in a completely new sci-fi world and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was designed as a platform for other parts exactly as in the case of the aforementioned Mass Effect. But before we knowing more, a lot of time could also pass, because, as mentioned in the introduction, Humanoid Studios is looking for a lot of key employees.

From a leading position, these are the people who are responsible for the appearance of the characters and the environment, we are also looking for top level designers, lead screenwriters, visual effects leaders and more. seniorwhich no doubt served as the framework for the emerging team. At the same time, it should not be too big, as Hudson pointed out last year, when he asserted that development will take place in small groups, where everyone can influence a certain part of development and decide the future vision of development. project. Hudson also underlined that he didn’t want to overestimate the overall structure and preferred equality of positions and attitudes in general so that everyone would feel welcome and feel involved in the development. For the record, Humanoid Studios is based in Alberta, but in addition to office work, it offers remote work to its current and future employees.

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