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Prague City Hall 8 organized another year of the Prevention of Health and Social Services Day event in front of the Kraków House of Culture in Bohnice. It aims to present to public organizations that focus on providing social services.

“My personal experience is that whenever I look, for example, on social networks, there are questions like do I have a mother at home, do I have a father at home, do they have certain health restrictions, what do I have to do to manage their care at home? house,” said Vladimíra Ludková – deputy mayor of Prague City Hall 8.

One organization that can help in this regard is Centrum Senorina, which provides respite services for families caring for people with primarily Alzheimer’s disease.

“There are services that will help you ease the very demanding care of your loved ones, when you need to take a break or go to work just for a day or for a longer period of time, a week, a month, three months, when you can take a break and when same time he was treated very well,” said Lenka Václavíková – director of the Seňorina Center.

This service is chargeable. According to the director of the Senorina Center, almost everyone can afford it.

“A person who takes care of someone gets an allowance for that care and from that allowance he can pay for that service. It is regulated by decree of the Social Service Act, so there is some maximum amount that the person must be able to pay that,” said Lenka Václavíková – director of the Seňorina Center.

Apart from the helping hand parade, there was also a skin cancer prevention event. Those who are interested can have their birthmarks checked directly at the health tent.

“This is important because cancer does not form immediately in a few hours or weeks, usually the year is the right time to catch manifestations at a stage where if we stop it we can offer almost a hundred percent complete cure,” said Petr Arenberger – dermatologist.

At the event, people under the guidance of professional medical professionals can try first aid, resuscitation or simply see an ambulance.

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