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based on Television 2 The 26-year-old is part of the squad which will be announced on Thursday morning.

The NFF have held a press conference at 09.30, and NRK has asked football president Lise Klaveness directly if Hegerberg’s name will be read out at tomorrow’s session at the Ullevaal stadium. He hasn’t answered yet.

On Wednesday night, the players will be briefed on the squad at a meeting, according to NRK.

Hegerberg’s agents also did not want to comment on the information to NRK, but national team manager Martin Sjögren had a bit more to say:

– How hard did you work to return Hegerberg to the national team?

– The process itself and the dialogue with Ada have been going on for some time, it’s no secret. Then you will see tomorrow, if he is there or not, a very cheerful Sjögren said on the phone to NRK.

REUNIFIED: Sjögren and Hegerberg, here during the filling of the EC almost five years ago.

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

Carl-Erik Torp, NRK football expert, believes this is a massive reinforcement for the Norwegian team.

– This is fantastic news. He is one of the best strikers in the world and has been for the past four years, noted Torp, who is now even more looking forward to EC this summer.

– It shows that he wants to achieve something with the team there. Then we can believe and hope that all the old distractions have been removed, and we can move in the same direction, says the expert.

Veteran goalkeepers cheer

Ingrid Hjelmseth, who capped the Norwegian national team for a number of years, was delighted by the Lyon star’s return with a flag on his chest.

– I was a little surprised, but mostly satisfied that Norway got the best player available. I think it’s important when you go into the championship now,” Hjelmseth told NRK.

Sunday practice - EC football women

TEAM TEAM: Ada Hegerberg and Ingrid Hjelmseth played together in Hegerberg’s last championship for Norway.

Photo: Berit Road/NTB

He pointed out that it was important to get Hegerberg back, with strikers Isabell Herlovsen and Lisa Marie Utland having both retired.

– For any national team, it would mean a lot to get a player like Ada Hegerberg, said the former national team goalkeeper.

– How do you think he will come back after five years of hardships?

I think Ada and the group of players are very happy about that. But that was five years ago, and it’s important to think ahead and not trample on what has already happened. It could be done much differently from all parties, I think. Now it’s about resetting and working as a team to succeed in the upcoming championships.

Deception, war of words and nightmares

After a failed EC in the summer of 2017, Hegerberg made up his mind to say no for further national team matches. The decision was the start of a year-long war of words, in which national team coaches and several players acknowledged that the EC in question had a personality. inner chaos.

Sjögren, Hegerberg, 2017

COLD: Photo of Hegerberg and Sjögren at the 2017 European Championship. This championship is the striker’s last appearance in national team uniform for now.

Photo: Berit Road/NTB

At the same time, several national team profiles were disclosed support for the Lyon striker’s criticism of the NFF, but the front line at one point was so steep that the player group expected Hegerberg’s apology before a possible national team comeback.

The following year, Lise Klaveness took on the role of elite director of the NFF, and she clearly wanted to do it destroy the ice front between the union and Hegerberg, but the conflict escalated when Martin Ødegaard continue the attack at the top goalscorer during a national team meeting in 2019, after Hegerberg gave an interview in connection with a special issue of football magazine Josimar on women’s football.

– It was difficult in many meetings. I have been damaged mentally. It’s a boring depressive feeling. I had nightmares after being with the national team, he said, among other things, in an interview.

Sports success

Parallel to a break with his own association, Hegerberg continued to wreak havoc on the club team.


SUCCESS: Hegerberg has won all there is to win with a club team.


In 2018, he became all-time leading scorer in the Champions League season, at the same time he was involved in securing his third straight trophy in the awarded club tournament. The reward was a new super contract, and the 22-year-old star is sticking around best paid in the world female soccer player.

He ended the year by staying the first woman of all time to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or.

– He has played a lot at a high level. He’s a fancy skull winner, and I thought it would be great to bring in a player like that. He is the type of leader, and it is good to bring him to the championships, said Hjelmseth.

– Klaveness’ first big win

– I think Sjögren is very happy that he has Klaveness in the team in this context. His role is clearly central, says NRK sports commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt.

He’s pretty clear on who to take credit for Hegerberg’s national team comeback.

– This is Klaveness’ first major win as football president, commentators say.

Saltvedt stressed that it was a day of joy for Norwegian football, and that although Hegerberg is one of the world’s best players, the psychological ramifications of Hegerberg’s return are just as important.

– The certainty that the women’s national team has the world’s best striker in their eleven means you can realistically start believing that you can win medals at the championships again. Norway didn’t have that opportunity without Hegerberg.

Hegerberg, golden ball

GOLD BALL: Ada Hegerberg made history by being voted the world’s best footballer in 2018.


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