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Where to go on a family trip that will completely entertain everyone and you will have fun, exercise, adrenaline and you will learn and learn something new? Try one of our original tips, you won’t regret it.

knight castle

A replica of the wooden knight’s castle hidden in the forest near Hradec Králové. The path to it is well marked and you can tackle it in a pram. This children’s park is not very well known, but will inspire adventurers of all ages. Here you will meet not only knights, but also princesses, fairies and witches, and other fairy tale characters. From the tallest castle tower there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, the restless little ones can’t stand the sand pits or mazes with climbing frames, parents will enthusiastically try out a number of games and tourist attractions with their kids, such as caves, obstacles, interactive tower or animal landing. They often held knightly tournaments, archery competitions or children’s theater in the amphitheater. You can bake a burrito in the prepared fireplace, entry to the complex is possible year-round, there are no opening hours.

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The jungle kingdom in Lipno

This unique adventure park, built in harmony with nature on the Kramolín hills, with views of the Lipno dam, aims to bring the little ones in a fun and entertaining way closer to what happens in the forest, moss and ferns, thickets or anthills. They will learn, for example, the properties of wood and its uses, they will learn to recognize trees and animal tracks… In addition, (not only) children perform in rope centers and tree cities full of climbing frames, rope sets, slides, stairs and waterslides. If you don’t have enough, you can ride one of the two aerial trampolines. All game elements are inspired by the forest and the life in it. And those who like to raise, can feed and raise local goats, are very friendly. There are stalls and restaurants, and if the weather is bad, head to the nearby Aquaworld water park with its huge Hopsárium.

Archives open-air museum Uhřínov

Travel back in time at the open-air archaeological museum of Villa Nova in Velký Uhřínov. In a settlement at the foot of the Eagle Mountains, near Rychnov nad Kněžnou, you will find a lot of history. There is a faithful copy of the medieval colonization village, you can see the wooden underground (half-submerged buildings), workshops, functional bakery or ceramic stoves, pottery workshops, barns, barns and other buildings, walk through the herb gardens or pet goats grazing. All the buildings are built using replicas of period tools and kids and adults can try them out for themselves. Like tasting freshly baked bread.

Zeměráj u Orlíku

An oasis of calm, this is a nature adventure park amidst the meadows of the Příbram region. It offers an authentic country atmosphere and lots of fun for young and old alike. You can look forward to more than a hundred different games, puzzles, mazes, quizzes and knowledge tasks, the solutions of which will enthusiastically engage the whole family. You’ll find villages from the early Middle Ages, where you can make your own cups or bowls on a potter’s wheel, try to make a loom or grind wheat flour. Kids really know their pets “face to face”, they can scratch and pet them. They will try their hand at archery, they will also be enthusiastic about the local “barefoot” hiking trails. Here you will find bakeries, shops, pubs, workshops and warehouses. There is also a puppet theater and archaeological site.

Fairy Forging

How to reach the fairy tale in the fastest way? In the ancient forge in Selibov near Písek, you will fall in love at first sight. It is here, in the village square, near the pond of Tálín, that elves, hejkalovés, fairies, demons, hastrmans and other fabled fleas date. But anyone who wants to see them with their own eyes must muster the courage to enter the mysterious Fairy Forge. Elves, elves or blacksmiths themselves will guide you. You’ll find out how it goes with the watermen, what hell is like when the devil marries, or where the dragon guards the princess. While walking through a mysterious forest, with any luck you’ll meet Jeníček and Mařenka or Little Hood with a wolf. And maybe the king himself will save your children from the maze. In creative workshops, everyone can model their favorite fairy tale character or sit at the age of twelve months.

Mammoth water and sand world

In Dolní Moravě, a small mountain village beneath the Králický Sněžník massif, you’ll want to be a kid again soon. Bring your branch here, they won’t know which attraction to try first. Water park, sand world and jungle adventure park will devour everyone. The younger ones will play and exercise, the older ones will learn a lot of new knowledge from science and physics in the form of experiments. What can you try here? Forest huts in trees, wooden bridges and ropeways, water slides, slides, rope bridges and manholes, climbing tunnels, levees and sluice systems in rivers and other water attractions, including factories and bicycles. There’s a 3D wooden maze, off-road swings and a giant sand pit with archaeological sites. Hanging tunnels and swings invite you to relax, and you can freshen up at some of the stalls.

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world of moles

A popular game park, especially for small children, is located on the southern outskirts of Prague, in Horní Měcholupy. Natural rock climbing frames, slides and swings await the kids here, of course there’s an aerial trampoline, various jumping elements and an adrenaline-pumping rope center for all the restless adventurers. There is even a water playground. There is a free barbecue area on site, where you can grill a barbecue, and drinks are also available at the local bistro. A cultural program takes place in the natural amphitheater in the summer. The novelty is the Mole greenhouse, which consists of an indoor and outdoor section and aims to introduce children to animals and plants.

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