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A spokesman for the coordinating minister for the secret services said elements of the defamation campaign against Andrzej Duda were still being identified in Russian media and news channels working for the Kremlin. They were promoted, including lies about the president’s family.

War in Ukraine. Russia about Andrzej Duda

Stanisław aryn added that as part of propaganda activities related to the war in Ukraine, a new thread emerged, satirizing Andrzej Duda’s relationship with Ukrainian nationalist Mikhail Ivanovich Duda, who was involved in the Volyn Crime. The same name was used by Russian propagandists to denigrate the Polish president by suggesting false links to UPA activists who took part in the fighting with Poland during World War II, asserts colleague Mariusz Kamiński.

According to the spokesperson’s information, from the very beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the grandparents of several European politicians were linked by Kremlin propaganda with Nazi ideology. The action against Andrzej Duda was part of a wider campaign against the West, Stanisław aryn stressed. Russian propaganda for years has used lies about history to denigrate the West or justify its imperial actions against other countries and peoples, he added.

Ukraine. What did Andrzej Duda say?

On May 22, at the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, the Polish president delivered a speech as the first foreign head of state since the outbreak of war. – Poland will do anything to help Ukraine become a member of the European Union. Only Ukraine has the right to decide its future. Nothing about you, without you – Andrzej Duda announced. – There are disturbing reports that Ukraine should bow to Putin’s demands. Only Ukraine has the right to decide its future. Nothing about you, without you, said the president.

According to the Ukrinform agency, the Polish president spoke about the need to sign a new good neighbor agreement with Ukraine. According to the president, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown that the road, rail and infrastructure connections between Ukraine and Poland are insufficient. – The Polish-Ukrainian border should be united, not divided. A sign of good Polish-Ukrainian relations are the high-speed rail links between Kiev and Warsaw. We will build it together – he assured.


During the visit to Ukraine, meetings with Volodymyr Zelensky were also held – both face-to-face and talks with delegates. During the talks, Volodymyr Zelensky announced that a special legal status would be introduced in the near future for Poles living in Ukraine.

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