How to enjoy an adventure in Oman (Jablonec, Cuba Venglař) | Club Na Ramp – Jablonec nad Nisou

Stand-up travel that takes you on an unusual visit to the Arabian Peninsula.

Is it possible to have a decent adventure in a country that presents itself as a five-star luxury destination? Definitely yes!

– You can go into the mountains and experience the folly of wandering the scorching moon landscape.

– You can track through the desert and experience the feeling of being saved every time someone stops you.

– You can meet a wide variety of people from Bedouin to enterprising immigrants to local oligarchs. And maybe play football with them in a futile attempt not to embarrass your hosts.

– You can get lost in an ancient fort, between the walls of a deep canyon or just in the shade of a palm tree.

– You can immerse yourself in a refreshing underwater world full of fantastic colorful creatures and shapes.

In short, you can do anything you can think of, although sometimes it’s definitely not a good idea… but that’s the whole point of adventure. Trying something new.


Lectures given by Cuba Venglář from Za

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