Hugh Jackman sells three-story Manhattan apartment for 911 million

The three-story, usable apartment of over 1,000 square meters can be found at 176 Perry Street in a house designed by prestigious Pritzker Prize winner Richard Meier. The architect did not limit himself to the design of buildings, but also participated in the interior design of several apartments, including those that the 53-year-old actor decided to sell in recent days.

“The interior of the apartment was designed for the previous owner,” real estate agent Deborah Grubman told The Washington Post.

This apartment has undergone several modernizations over the years, but Meier’s style is always evident in it and that’s why it retains its extraordinary character.

The biggest attraction, as always with similar properties, is of course the views this triplex has to offer. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows and from the main hall to the edge, you can look down onto the Hudson River and the New York City skyline.

The views to the west are great, which immediately prompts you to enjoy the sunset witnessed against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty and the ships sailing on the river.

On the lower floor of the apartment there is a large room for relaxation and entertainment.


The three-story apartment extends over the eighth, ninth and tenth floors of the house. Downstairs is a large common room for relaxation, games and general entertainment. There are also four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, plus a guest bedroom.

On the center floor of the apartment you can find a large room with double the ceiling height, which is the heart of the whole house. On the middle floor of the apartment there is also a study area equipped with a gas fireplace and a kitchen with a dining area.

On the most prestigious top floor, you can find the master bedroom with its own hot tub and dressing room, as well as a sauna. There is also a fitness area.

Each floor has its own terrace, connected by a graceful white staircase.

The two-time Tony Award winner, who is currently shining on Broadway in the musical The Music Man, offered the apartment for sale for 38.9 million dollars, which is about 911 million crowns.


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