Hundreds of Ukrainian IT experts risk losing Czech technology companies

Software company Unicorn Systems, which employs 112 people at development centers in Kiev and Ternopil in Ukraine, handles their financial support and material security.

“We communicate with everyone on an ongoing basis and they know that we are ready to provide accommodation in the Czech Republic. With those who have decided, we deal with the method of moving to the Czech Republic, we arrange accommodation and assistance with the acquisition of material equipment, food, etc. in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic. Of course, they will have the opportunity to continue their work from our development center,” said Unicorn CEO Jan Jaroš.

Czech company Creative Dock operates a mobile application for freelancers in Ukraine. “Our team in Ukraine now consists mostly of IT specialists, who are the dominant men who are not allowed to leave the country. They have received or are waiting to call orders, resulting in IT development costs. However, we strive to continue to operate and provide all services as much as possible. We also have a customer center for our clients. Operators work from home, but some also work as part of their journey to the Slovak border, where they are trying to escape the war with their families, “said Igor Přerovsk, director of the IT branch Creative Dock.

Astratex’s online lingerie store does not currently ship items to Ukraine at all. “We have several Ukrainian colleagues, we are ready to provide them and their families with support according to the development of the situation and individual needs,” added Miroslav Tesař, director of Astratex.

At the same time, more than 3,000 developers and other IT experts connected to Russian companies are working in the Czech Republic, who, according to Czech technology agency Actum Digital, may be looking for new jobs. “We understand that it is morally unacceptable to continue working for a non-profit company that kills innocent people. We offer anyone who decides to leave such a company in the coming days to help them find a new job, either in person at Actum Digital or with our partners or clients,” said Actum Digital co-founder Jan Havel.

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