I haven’t bathed in a year and a half. The Spanish woman spent 500 days in a cave, breaking a record

Flamini emerged from the cave Friday morning shortly after nine to applause from friends who wore masks not to put his health at risk. He happily called out to them and seemed to be in good shape at first glance. First he put on sunglasses, which he then took off. He described his stay 70 meters underground as a “great and unbeatable experience”.

“I want to be kind and answer your questions, but I haven’t spoken to anyone for a year and a half … There will be a press conference, let me take a shower first, I haven’t done it for a year and a half,” said the athlete who even before the official meeting with journalists waiting for a medical examination and an interview with a psychologist. Together with two speleologists, he descended into the cave prior to Flaminiová’s ascent to prepare it for its return from underground.

Flamini descended into the cave on November 20, 2021, when he was forty-eight years old, now fifty. During his 500 days underground, a number of experts examined his health and psychological condition via camera, and speleologists had prepared a quick evacuation plan in case of an emergency.

The team also delivers food and water underground, but without direct contact with it. Flamini thereby broke the previous world record in isolation underground, which he held according to television RTVE Christine Lanzoni Italy. He voluntarily spent 269 days underground in 2007.

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