– I wish Gjert could just be a dad – VG

CLOSED FOR THE YEARS: Henrik Ingebrigtsen broke through internationally with European Championship gold and 5th place at the 2012 Olympics. Here he was with father and coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen during competition in Bislett in June last year.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen, 31, said that future Gjert Ingebrigtsen would have no role for Jakob, Filip and him as runners. He, on the other hand, wanted his father to be a father to them.


In the future, Gjert will not have the role of coach, coordinator and administrator towards us. “But I hope he is a bit more advanced, when the situation calms down in terms of the coaching role, he can step up the father role,” said Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

He points out that he has previously stated that Gjert Ingebrigtsen’s many roles for the “boys” – three international running stars – have affected their original family relationship. The professional part of the relationship has taken up a lot of time.

– More daddies, regardless of what might happen. That’s what I was waiting for, that he was just a father, said Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

He added that “we are happy in Gjert”.

– He’s our father. We have a lot to thank him for, as fathers and coaches. But in the end, he and we came to a crossroads where we and he had to choose: father-son or coach-athlete. After years in both roles, it didn’t continue. We believe it is best for everyone that he is just a father and grandfather. That he would be the best in the world too, said Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

Gjert Ingebrigtsen will not comment on this interview with Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

FATHER AND SONS: From left: Henrik, Filip, Gjert and Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

The Ingebrigtsen family, known through the NRK reality series «Team Ingebrigtsen», consists of seven children, mother Tone and father and coach Gjert.

It has been six weeks since it was discovered that Gjert Ingebrigtsen was on sick leave and Jakob, Filip and Henrik Ingebrigtsen had to do without him as coach. The Athletic Association describes sick leave with high work pressure.

Three weeks ago it became known that he was partially back as coach, for Narve Gilje Nords.

He added and repeated that they did not talk together about sports matters. He said that they were trained to take responsibility for themselves, and that they had a plan that they believed would work for the time being.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen said a month ago, with regards to breaking the world record indoors in France, nothing lasts forever.

He was referring to Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

– He has taken water over his head. Nothing lasts forever, the Tokyo Olympic gold medalist said with a smile.

In France in mid-February, he brought in Elisabeth Asserson and agent Daniel Wessfeldt on support staff. Next weekend he will be running for World Cup gold indoors in Belgrade.

EQUIPMENT ENGAGEMENT AND SUPPORT: Elisabeth Asserson was part of Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s support kit when he broke the world record indoors at Lievin a month ago.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen, as he puts it, made himself available to Jakob in regards to the indoor WC.

– But he might go alone. He was pushed. He doesn’t need a nanny. He probably needed help the most in dealing with the press. “But I assume that will show an understanding that he is there to compete,” he said.

TOUCHED IN TEARS: Gjert Ingebrigtsen hugs Jakob Ingebrigtsen after he won Olympic 1500 meters gold in Tokyo last summer.

He said he is now contributing as much as he can in terms of the preparation and training of Jakob, who is “fit for fighting”. Filip announced early cancellations for indoor WC, but according to Henrik Ingebrigtsen is on a “near normal” route. He himself was nine out of 11 months undergoing a training program after surgery last year.

Last week he ran 190 kilometers with three intervals. He felt quite alert, but he needed to get his hips and thighs together properly. He had to get the muscles to handle the weight he was putting under him. His competition plan is a 10,000-meter run in Bislett on April 13, with a pace and time (28.10) that will qualify him for the European Championships in Munich in August.

It will be Flagstaff (training camp) for five to six weeks after that, and then 5,000 yards in the Diamond League in Bislett (June 16). If I’m good enough for the World Cup, it could be the World Cup (15-24 July), he said.

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